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Patience in Life’s Seasons

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Not many of us are farmers these days. Not that long ago, most of us would have been. And the perspective of a farmer is much different from that of other occupations. A salesman might work on a big deal for a few weeks; a doctor sees a patient for thirty minutes and a stock broker is ecstatic or miserable on a second by second basis. But the farmer thinks in terms of seasons. Long and hot or long and cold, months at a time, six months or more, seasons are his measuring stick. My father and mother grew up. . .
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How to Be Patient (a drama in five scenes)

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How to Be Patient

Scene 1: Be Patient Like You’re Dead Somewhere in the hills of southwest Virginia a man waits pensively, in one of the cavernous rooms within the underground headquarters of Highlands Ministries. Finally a door opens.. “Laurence?” “Yes?” “We need you to write another article. We need you to do it on how to be patient.” “What!” “You heard me; Patience. You’ve got 3 weeks.” “How am I supposed to do that?!” “This conversation is ended.” Every person that I know that could be considered completely patient has one thing in common — they are all dead. Not only are they. . .
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