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You Get A Tape Club—Delivers Good Conversation

We produce resources that are conversation starters. How can we live the good life when we often can’t even recognize it? Our ideas of good living are often tangled up with prosperity rather than blessing. Highlands produces writing and conversational recordings that will challenge your assumptions about good living, and get you thinking. The You Get a Tape club is one way for you to join this conversation!

Join the Club & Receive Great Resources Every Month!Join the Club—Learn to Savor Blessing

The blessed life is not always easy, and it often includes its own kind of hardship. Our resources will help you to recognize and live the good life—a life lived for the glory of God—the only life that can make us truly happy. We are celebrating twenty years in ministry! Become a club member by donating as little as $25 a month, and we will send you resources that will help you enjoy the good life God has promised.

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Donate $25 a Month and Receive the Following:

By signing up for the You Get a Tape Club, you will receive the following resources each month as well as the welcome package detailed below.

  1. Basement Tapes | topical audio conversations (1 per month)

  2. Every Thought Captive | magazine (12 issues per year)

  3. And More | we try to include an assortment of additional reading material which we think you will find helpful.

Be Salt & Light

As Christians, we have lost our saltiness in many ways by living more like the world than the church. Your support of Highlands Ministries on a monthly basis, helps us reach many more people with the message of how to live in a way that brings salt and light into our culture.

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Regular Resources in the Monthly Packet

Audio: Talking to Your Children (Basement Tapes #157)The Basement Tapes are a monthly audio recording covering topics related to Christian living. Each is an hour-long conversation with Highlands team members and friends of the ministry. There are over 160 Basement Tapes already available on MP3 and CD, covering subjects like modesty,  total depravity, homeschooling, immigration, voting, courtship and more.

Every Thought Captive magazine: June 2016 (Evangelism 101)Every Thought Captive is a magazine created to help you think deliberately about your life, family, church, and the world around you. There are twelve issues each year centered on various themes. Each issue applies God’s Word to different areas of life, like family, church, current events and community. Join us as we strive to take every thought captive and surrender it to Christ.

How You’ll Get these Resources: Members receive audio content on CD or MP3 either through the mail or via download every month. You will receive the welcome package right away!

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