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The Basement Tapes Collection

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We are offering all 174 of our Basement Tapes housed in a handy car/boat/RV/plane carrying case, or for those who like to pack light, they are available as MP3 download.

Believing education is conversation, we gather monthly to have a conversation on topics related to the good life. We enjoy stimulating conversation on a wide variety of topics relating to the Christian life. We have done this 174 times so far on subjects as varied as Tobacco, Pre-marital Counseling, Talking to Your Children, Scandal in the Church, and Immigration (see the full list below). We also get more strictly theological in our “Alphabet” series on Theology. Some have said that these conversations are upsetting. Others life-changing. A few have said they are both at the same time.

When we seek answers from the Bible we are often surprised and upset to realize that our lives, our choices, our opinions differ, sometimes radically from its prescriptions. Because we swim in the water of our prevailing culture we get wet. Because we fail to separate out what our neighbor does from what we do we get off track. Because we have not been encouraged to look to Scripture as God-breathed and useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work, we look elsewhere. And become unsalty.

We want to change that . . . together. For the glory of God and for the building of His kingdom.

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Format: Available in both CD and MP3
Length: Approx. 60 minutes each

What are The Basement Tapes?

The Basement Tapes are conversations on subjects related to the “good life,” a simple, separate, and deliberate life, lived out for the glory of God and for the building of His Kingdom.

You might even say that the Basement Tapes serve to help us develop a Christian worldview. Started in 2002, we now have 174 conversations on all areas of life that we are seeking to think biblically about so that we might take dominion over them for the King and His kingdom.

Complete Basement Tape Collection includes:

  1. Homeschooling
  2. Living Life Simply
  3. Living Life Separately
  4. Living Life Deliberately
  5. Building the Kingdom
  6. Reading Good Books
  7. Government
  8. Men Without Chests
  9. Liturgical Worship
  10. Queen of Days
  11. The Lord’s Supper
  12. Modesty
  13. Freedom
  14. Liberty
  15. Providence
  16. Daughters of Zion
  17. Us and Them
  18. Discerning the Church
  19. Salt and Light
  20. Sir, We Would see Jesus
  21. The Persecuted Church
  22. Food
  23. Robbing Peter to Pay Paul
  24. C.S. Lewis
  25. Evangelism
  26. One Way
  27. Answering a Fool
  28. Coloring Between the Lines
  29. Pride of Life
  30. Babies
  31. And now This
  32. Josiah’s Wisdom
  33. Where the Boys Are
  34. At the Movies
  35. Adoption
  36. Preparing Men for Ministry
  37. A Labor of Love
  38. Lawful Oaths and Vows
  39. Hair
  40. Games
  41. Fools for Christ
  42. All in the Family
  43. Patriots and Scoundrals
  44. The Tongue
  45. Coram Deo
  46. Salvation’s Dawn
  47. Rage
  48. Alcohol
  49. Tobacco
  50. Firearms
  51. Hospitality
  52. Reformation and Revolution
  53. Prosperity
  54. Tending Your Garden
  55. College 101
  56. College 201
  57. The Legacy of Luther
  58. High Infidelity, part I
  59. High Infidelity, part II
  60. Inheiritance
  61. Courtship
  62. Words Fitly Spoken
  63. Suffering
  64. Rest
  65. Lukewarm Water
  66. True Religion
  67. Thinking No Evil
  68. That Thing We Do
  69. Ode to Joy
  70. Sin
  71. Get to Know Chesterton
  72. Forgiveness
  73. Maturity
  74. Class
  75. Knowledge Puffs Up
  76. Some Dance to Remember
  77. Some Dance to Forget
  78. Apostasy
  79. Vote Your Conscience
  80. Assurance of Salvation
  81. Hope
  82. Mostly Modern
  83. Priestcraft
  84. The Prophet’s Mantle
  85. It’s Good to be King
  86. The Care and Feeding of Shepherds
  87. Heroes
  88. Glory
  89. Calling
  90. Race
  91. A is for Atonement
  92. A Fuller Sense of Place, part I
  93. A Fuller Sense of Place, part II
  94. B is for Bible
  95. Stinkers in the Church
  96. C is for Covenant
  97. D is for Death
  98. E is for Ecclesiology
  99. Music
  100. Compilation Celebration – 100th Basement Tape!
  101. F is for Forensic
  102. Edenic Language
  103. Preaching
  104. G is for Grace
  105. Meet Flannery O’Connor
  106. H is for Holy Spirit
  107. Sugar and Spice
  108. I is for Irresistible Grace
  109. Homeschooling Redux (Homeschooling Teenagers)
  110. J is for Jesus
  111. To the Church at Corinth, part I
  112. To the Church at Corinth, part II
  113. K is for Kingdom
  114. Patriarchy
  115. L is for Law
  116. Common Grace
  117. M is for Man
  118. Meet Neil Postman
  119. N is for New Bodies
  120. Gladiators
  121. Denise
  122. O is for Trinity
  123. Broken Relationships
  124. P is for Perseverence
  125. Friendships
  126. Q is for Queen of Sciences
  127. Technology
  128. R is for Reprobation
  129. The Poor
  130. S is for Sacrament
  131. Worry
  132. T is for Total Depravity
  133. Family Economy
  134. U is for Unconditional Election
  135. Resentment in the Church
  136. Faux Feelings
  137. V is for Vim, Vigor and Vitality
  138. The Errs of our Ways
  139. When is it Time to Leave? (leaving your church)
  140. W is for Worship
  141. Godliness, Contentment and Great Gain
  142. X is for Xpiation
  143. Y is for Self-Existence
  144.  Z is for Omega. The End
  145. Swimming the Tiber
  146. Aliens and Strangers (Immigration)
  147. Whatever You Eat or Drink
  148. Why We Go to the Mill (Abortion Clinic Ministry)
  149. Scandal — Sin in the Church
  150. The Middle Ages (Growing older)
  151. Spiritual Constipation (Moving Theology from Our Heads to Our Hearts)
  152. Abortion: Evil in Our Midst
  153. Two Cheers for Dispensationalism
  154. Places in the Heart (On Travel & Coming Home)
  155. The Full Armor of God (Righteousness & Truth)
  156. The Mission (The Mission of Highlands & Living a Salty Life)
  157. Talking to Your Children
  158. Counsel & Sound Wisdom (On seeking counsel from wise believers)
  159. Family Time (The vital importance of spending time with your family)
  160. Change
  161. Adornment
  162. The State of the Church
  163. Pre-Marital Counseling 1
  164. Pre-Marital Counseling 2
  165. Morality v. Holiness
  166. The Power of the Gospel
  167. Should Christians Resist Tyranny?
  168. Desiring the Kingdom
  169. Parenting Adult Children
  170. Conferences, Camps, & Retreats
  171. Fear
  172. The Decline of the West
  173. Preparing to Work (preparing young men for the workforce)
  174. Speaking into Each Other’s Lives (giving warning, exhortation, encouragement)
  175. Alienation
  176. God Bless America?
  177. Code of Ethics
  178. Growing a Family Culture
  179. The State of Things, Highlands 20th Anniversary
  180. Waiting on God
  181. Raised in the Church
  182. Still Waiting on God

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