Audio: The Middle Ages (on growing older) Basement Tapes #150

Basement Tape #150: The Middle Ages

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Aging isn’t something most of us look forward to. Much has been made about the challenges and opportunities that come from growing old. Much in turn is made of the blessings of youth. Middle-age, however, is found somewhere in between. When we are too old to be young and too young to be old, how can we deal with the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities of this stage of life? What do we dread about the next stage in our lives? How can we rightly own the biblical blessings of aging?

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Length: 60 minutes

This audio presentation is a Basement Tape conversation.

What are The Basement Tapes?

The Basement Tapes are conversations between Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr., Rev. Laurence Windham, their friends and special guests, on subjects related to the “good life,” a simple, separate, and deliberate life, lived out for the glory of God and for the building of His Kingdom.

You might even say that the Basement Tapes serve to help us develop a Christian worldview. Started in 2002, we now have over 140 conversations on all areas of life that we are seeking to think biblically about so that we might take dominion over them for the King and His kingdom.

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