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Basement Tape #80: Assurance of Salvation

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How can I know for sure that I’m saved? Can we have assurance in this life? Perhaps no question cuts to the heart of our deepest fears, and our most potent longings. Eternity is at stake. We often let feelings determine what we believe in this area which leads to fear and uncertainty. There are better and more sure things to consider when discussing assurance than feelings. Join us for a conversation that we hope will draw you from fear to confidence in the work of Christ.

Basement Tape #78: Apostasy

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Basement Tape #78: Apostasy

Join us for a conversation on life in the body, loving the saints within the body, and those who walk away. We talk about how to understand apostasy and how to guard against it.

Basement Tape #57: The Legacy of Luther

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Here we consider all that made Martin Luther a hero. He both feared God and trusted in Him. We learn to have peace with God and to wage war for His kingdom. Please join us as we look forward and backward, to a hero of yore, and to, we pray, heroism in our own children.

Basement Tape #51: Hospitality

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Audio: Hospitality (Basement Tapes #51)

Welcome to our conversation, a conversation on making others welcome.

Hospitality is just simple enough, just separate enough, just deliberate enough, that we have missed the boat. We think life consists in the things we are busy with, when we are called to be busy about the things of life, of eating, drinking, conversing with our friends, our neighbors, and those who don’t know Christ. We would rather impress our friends when we are entertaining than put them at ease, and then we wonder whatever became of community. Join us, and invite others to join you as we visit together for a little while.

Basement Tape #32: Josiah’s Wisdom

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In the garden it all came crashing down because Eve did not believe God. We, her children, suffer from the same weakness. We are bundles of unbelief, slowly destroying ourselves. The only solution is faith, believing God.

Savorless Salt

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When we are yet outside the kingdom, before we are born a second time, we suppress the truth in unrighteousness (Romans 1). This does not mean we are stupid. It does mean we are foolish. We know what we know but because such knowledge exposes our guilt, we suppress it. We are born again when God the Holy Spirit changes us, replacing our hearts of stone with a heart of flesh, when that same Spirit indwells us, and cleanses us. But we are not changed fully and instantly. We are still dirty. We are still, in ourselves, guilty. And we. . .
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