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Navigating Courtship

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What is the role of parents in the process of courtship? What kind of physical contact is appropriate for engaged couples? How do you get families on the same page with their expectations? With more people involved in the relationship there is more opportunity for sin, how can you deal with this rightly? How do you keep a humble attitude when two families don’t agree about how courtship should go or what the wedding should be like?

The Case for Courtship

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Young couple eating ice cream on a first date.

How can we regain some sanity on this difficult issue? Is there a formula? Does courtship always have to work the same way for every couple? Can courtship ever be a sinful thing? Is fear a driving force in your family’s understanding of these issues? Steve and Kara discuss some of their experience as their children have started to marry.

Marriage: Knowing When Your Kids are Ready

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Young children pretending to be bride and groom.

What are some of the things that “kids” need to be able to do before they are ready to take on the responsibility of marriage? Do they need to be ready to parent? What does it take to be financially ready? What level of maturity is needed? What are appropriate expectations? How can you gauge their emotional readiness?

Courtship: The Children (Salt Talks)

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Audio: Courtship—The Children (Salt Talks)

In this second Salt Talks conversation on the subject of courtship, pastor Laurence Windham talks with three couples who walked through the process of courtship in their own relationships. They share their thoughts and expectations of the process before their courtships began and their reflections on courtship now that they are wed. What were the blessings that resulted from their methods of courtship? What do they wish they had done differently? What are their thoughts on the involvement of their parents?

Companion Audio: Courtship: the Parents (Salt Talks)

Courtship: The Parents (Salt Talks)

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Audio: Courtchip: The Parents (Salt Talks)

In this conversation on the subject of courtship, pastor Laurence Windham talks with four sets of parents that have walked through this process with their children. They share their ideals and goals, their experiences and assumptions, their methods and motivations. This conversation is a window into the multitude of ways courtship is carried out in a variety of circumstances and families. We ask the questions what did your family do? Did it work out the way you thought it would? What would you do differently if you were to do it over?

Some wisdom on the subject of Courtship

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A Basement Tape conversation on: Courtship God gave us marriage, wanting godly seed. We in turn want the same for our own children, that they would marry wisely, and raise up the next generation of soldiers of the King. How do we best prepare our children to marry wisely, and how ought we to lead them through this process? Join us as we consider together some fundamental principles of wisdom along the path to the joy of seeing our children marry in the Lord.  

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