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Indecent Exposure — Child Safety in a Pornographic World

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Girl looking at laptop surprised (Child Safety)

Child Safety — Then & Now My first exposure to pornography was when I was a girl of nine during a visit to a neighbor’s house. Understandably, my parents had not discussed that possibility with me or prepared me for how to respond. In my parents’ defense, this was long before the days of easy-access Internet and TV content ratings. The video store kept “bad movies” in a back room. Gas stations kept “dirty” magazines behind the counter. I grew up in a middle class neighborhood almost entirely populated by conservative retired couples. The other family on the block was. . .
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Basement Tape #152: Abortion, Evil in Our Midst

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Abortion: Evil in Our Midst (cover) Basement Tape #152

Abortion is a sin that runs deep in our nation. It is not only in the world, but in the church. In this conversation we focus on what makes the sin of abortion peculiarly evil. We consider how the silence of the church on the practice of abortion and sexual sin has contributed to the problem. We consider the injustice of this practice and the dangers of seeing abortion as a political issue. What can be done about this evil and are there legitimate reasons to remain uninvolved in this battle? Join us for a conversation about the Evil in Our Midst.

A Covenantal Approach to Medical Care (Salt Talks)

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Audio: A Covenantal Approach to Healthcare (Salt Talks)
What could Christian healthcare look like? Pastor Windham speaks in this Salt Talk with Dr. Eric Potter who has a vision for a medical practice which delivers biblically wholistic care. Biblically wholistic means that it integrates the best of conventional medicine and the best of natural medicine, all guided by a Biblical worldview of man made whole in the image of God. Dr. Potter shares his goal of addressing a patient’s health through a real personal relationship, direct pay for service, much greater doctor-patient interaction and, most importantly, through treating the whole man, body, mind and soul.

A Biblical Response to Climate Change

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A Biblical View of Climate Change

Super Storm Sandy, Katrina, western drought, northern snow records, have all been supposed evidence of global climate change. With every troubling weather event we are informed with dire assertions and breathless prophetic assurances that surely, we are seeing the hand of omnipotent nature slapping us again for our infractions against the planet. Have we angered Gaia? Has evolution brought us to our diminishing demise as we pollute our way into oblivion? Will our species die as the planet is throttled by man’s strings of environmental malfeasance? The ice packs are melting and the oceans are rising and, still, here we. . .
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Abortion: Pro-Lifers and the Art of Compromise, part 2

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In politics we are told, the art of compromise is brought to bear fruitfully in the struggle between parties and opposing ideals. The cherished hopes of right and left, conservative and liberal, are often fought under the precept that everyone must give a little in order to reach an agreement. Compromise then, is seen as almost an ideal, something for which to strive in the effort to rule well. Those who are unyielding, who refuse to shake hands at some center, are viewed as obstinate perfectionists who are playing at a game wrong for them. Those rare few are thought. . .
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Giving Till It Hurts

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Giving Till it Hurts — Empty pockets

Government “Giving” through Taxation It is strange how normal it is for us 21st century Christians to assume, just like the society around us, that if anybody needs help it is the duty of the government to provide that help. It’s hard to think about life in any other way. If people can not afford rent we expect government rent subsidies. If food is lacking that is what food stamps are for. Is college too expensive? You get the idea.  I was going to make a long list but I might start to sound like a guy that has a bone. . .
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