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For the Love of Food

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Human beings share a common love: food. I’m not referring to our common need of food, but of our common love for food. We relate certain foods to events, traditions, and people. When I think of Destin, Florida, I think of fish tacos. When I think of Crowder, Mississippi, I think of chicken and dressing. When I recall a trip to Zimbabwe, I think of grilled wart hog, a trip to Peru with cow heart and french fries, New York City with homemade mozzarella sticks, and Yemen with grilled lamb and flat bread. When I think of Tate County, (the. . .
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Basement Tape #130: S is for Sacraments

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All week long we are sinners and He calls us, His people, to worship and we come. We confess our sins, we sing praises to Him and we hear the Word preached. And then In His kindness He lets us come to His table and feast on bread and wine to remind us all again of His love and of His grace. Because of our human state we have a need to have these tangible reminders and because God knows our frame He gives us these real things, the bread, the wine and the water so that we might remember and not forget.

To You and Your Children

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Sound Teaching Bible Study: To You & Your Children

This 6 part audio Bible study with Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. is Sound Teaching on core doctrines of the reformed faith: baptism, covenant, assurance of salvation, saving faith, and perseverance of the saints.

There’s a new controversy in town, and it has as many names as implications. Federal Vision, Auburn Avenue theology, Shepherdism, whatever we call it, too many of us are talking about it. This series isn’t about the controversy, but is about those doctrines that the controversy touches. What you will find here is neither point by point refutation, or point by point defense of these controversial ideas. What you will find instead is plain teaching on God’s covenant faithfulness, on baptism, on perseverance, on apostasy. What you will find, we pray, is solid ground.

Signs and Seals

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Audio: Signs & Seals, Baptism and the Lord's Supper (Sound Teaching Bible Study)

This study considers the sacraments, baptism and the Lord’s supper. The sacraments are means of grace and an occasion for controversy. In this series we consider the nature of sacraments, the purpose and power of baptism and the font and the future of the Lord’s Table.

We will affirm with clarity the classic Reformed understanding of the sacraments and seek to inspire a deeper faith in God’s grace in and through His appointed means.

Basement Tape #11: The Lord’s Supper

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Worship, we believe, reaches its high point when God gathers us up into His heavenly Jerusalem and calls us to sit, to gather about His table as we enjoy a covenant meal together. This conversation, the third in our series on worship, affirms that we do not come to the table to gaze at our navel, to conjure up sufficient sorrow. We come to look back at His sacrifice, and to look forward to eternity. We hope you’ll join us in this conversation, even as we all join together at the Table.

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