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Basement Tape #103: Preaching

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The shepherd talks to his sheep. Sometimes to praise, sometimes to correct, always to instruct. The Word preached is a pillar of our sanctification.

Basement Tape #102: Edenic Language

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How we speak to one another within the church body not only determines the peace and purity within but is a large part of the salt and light that we are to project outward. Are we inclusive, do we draw each other in to ourselves, even when admonishing, or do we use our words to excommunicate?

Basement Tape #86: The Care and Feeding of the Shepherds

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They are the men charged with shepherding our souls; they serve us and our families faithfully day after day with little pay and often little acknowledgment. We take them for granted at our own peril for their well-being affects us all. What can we do to care for these men of God? What do they want and need from us? Join pastors R.C. Sproul Jr., Laurence Windham and Mark Dewey along with Jonathan Daugherty as they examine these important questions.

Basement Tape #68: That Thing We Do

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In this discussion we talk not only about the things we do, but why we do them. In this discussion we look at the good life, a life abundant in grace and infused with joy.

Basement Tape #57: The Legacy of Luther

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Here we consider all that made Martin Luther a hero. He both feared God and trusted in Him. We learn to have peace with God and to wage war for His kingdom. Please join us as we look forward and backward, to a hero of yore, and to, we pray, heroism in our own children.

Basement Tape #51: Hospitality

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Audio: Hospitality (Basement Tapes #51)

Welcome to our conversation, a conversation on making others welcome.

Hospitality is just simple enough, just separate enough, just deliberate enough, that we have missed the boat. We think life consists in the things we are busy with, when we are called to be busy about the things of life, of eating, drinking, conversing with our friends, our neighbors, and those who don’t know Christ. We would rather impress our friends when we are entertaining than put them at ease, and then we wonder whatever became of community. Join us, and invite others to join you as we visit together for a little while.

Basement Tape #20: Sir, We Would See Jesus

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Paul resolved to preach nothing but Christ and Him crucified. In this, the third of four on the marks of the church, we consider together what it means to preach Christ. We affirm that we must preach the text, and in context. We affirm that every text finds its yea and amen in Jesus, that He is the Word, that the Bible is His story. We consider as well the right response of the flock to the preaching of the Word, as it cuts away from us all that is displeasing, as it purifies the bride.

Basement Tape #11: The Lord’s Supper

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Worship, we believe, reaches its high point when God gathers us up into His heavenly Jerusalem and calls us to sit, to gather about His table as we enjoy a covenant meal together. This conversation, the third in our series on worship, affirms that we do not come to the table to gaze at our navel, to conjure up sufficient sorrow. We come to look back at His sacrifice, and to look forward to eternity. We hope you’ll join us in this conversation, even as we all join together at the Table.

Basement Tape #10: Queen of Days

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In this, the second of three conversations on worship, we consider together the elements that make up our worship. In moving step by step through the liturgy of Saint Peter Presbyterian Church, we see that worship is, corporately, renewing covenant with God. He speaks to us, and we respond with our “Amen.” It includes as well an extended discussion on the role of preaching in worship, arguing that too often our sermons reduce down to downloads of information, and suggesting instead that sermons, like all the service, ought to show us Jesus.

Basement Tape #9: Liturgical Worship

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We serve a God of order, but do we serve Him in an orderly way? This first of three conversations on worship looks at the purpose of liturgy, of order, of design, in how we gather together to as the Lord’s blessing. Every church, of course, has a liturgy. But does liturgy drive us to look inward, or to look to the glory of God? Join us in this discussion of the very reason for our being, the worship of the living God.

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