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Wisdom is Power

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Wisdom is PowerWorldly Wisdom

Obama, Bush, Hillary, Federal Reserve Chairman, United Nations, Global Climate Specialists. These gods of our days purport to have all the answers and seek all the power. Each word that comes from the mouth of our national leaders, climate experts or financial geniuses tends to be looked upon by us in hushed awe as the pagans might have from their witch doctor while he explained the meaning of the solar eclipse.

“Help us!” we cry. “Tell us what to do!” Spend more? Ok. Save more? Ok. Recycle? Ingest more anti-oxidants? Floss? Jog? “Whatever you say, we’ll do because we are absolutely terrified.” Our president is being looked at as a savior of sorts by tens of millions of Americans and people all around the world. And yet he walks unguided by heavenly principles. He is a fool because he thinks the ideas of men can solve the problems of men. Never in human history has this worked.

Israel, in a similar state of emotional unrest, cried out to God to give them a king. God gave them Saul. Whoops.

Psalms 135:15-18 tell us:

The idols of the nations are silver and gold made with the hands of men. They have mouths but cannot speak, eyes but cannot see; they have ears but cannot hear, nor is there breath in their mouths. Those who make them will be like them, and so will all who trust in them.


God’s Wisdom for Worldly Problems

The idols of our day are similarly useless unless they are proclaiming God’s truth. Useless! Their words have no merit for us. None! Proverbs tells us that the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel. So turn off the news, throw away the paper. They have no answers for you, no solutions to your problems. The Who’s Pinball Wizard is your model dear Christian: “He ain’t got no distractions, can’t hear those buzzers and bells, don’t see lights a flashin,’ plays by sense of smell, always gets a replay, never tilts at all, that deaf, dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball.”

In an issue devoted to miracles we need to acknowledge that the miracle is that God lets us — fat, hairy, sinful losers – have more answers and power than all of these “geniuses” combined if we just keep our heads down and rely upon His words alone to guide us.

We know from Scripture that gold, not Federal Reserve notes, is valuable. We know from Scripture that wealth is created by producing and being productive rather than spending. We know that God, and not events or even votes, causes kings to rise and fall.

Wisdom in Obedience

We also need to know that we have the power to overturn nations if we are faithful, keep our heads down and play the game with His eyes and ears to guide us. You want power? Here you can possess power that won’t corrupt and destroy you. In service to the King you will become great though your name may never be known except to the angels, through sacrifice your deeds may turn the course of history and overturn empires.

Generational Wisdom

Consider Robert Sproul, RC’s father and RC’s grandfather. A simple man of faith. In an article called: Right Now Counts Forever, RC

The More Tan” speaks of the influence his father had upon him though the man died with Dr. Sproul was just seventeen years old. “One thing I do remember vividly from our discussions when I was a youth — he was far more interested in wisdom than in knowledge. He understood that one needs knowledge in order to gain wisdom, but that one can have knowledge without gaining wisdom. We did not have homeschooling when I was a child. Nevertheless, our home was a school. The chief classroom was the dining room table. It was during the dinner hour that I was most frequently exposed to my father’s teaching. Like me, my children were not homeschooled, yet our house was a place of education. In their youth, our ministry was exercised in a study center in the remote mountains of western Pennsylvania. In a manner similar to that of Francis Schaeffer’s L’Abri, our students stayed in our home and ate at our table. Every meal was an occasion for “table talk,” which was devoted to conversations and discussions of the things of God.

Through a quiet, unassuming faithful witness of one single man his son was encouraged, trained up and inspired to bring back the biblical truths of Reformed theology to the church and “reformed” an entire generation (or two or three or four). And now his grandson is helping to bring about reform to a generation caught up in worldliness. The impact of this one humble man won’t be fully known until the Lord returns but already we can see the harvest and it is rich and bountiful.

Weakness of the World

Lenin and Stalin and Hitler shook the world for a few short years and they are considered the most significant monsters in human history. And this one man, sitting in his Pittsburgh home teaching his son of the faith of his fathers will extend his revolution to generations not yet conceived. That is power!

We have the unbelievable opportunity because we are on the winning team and the game is already won. We can rise off the bench and are free to score as many points as time will allow. And the game is played in our hearts, in our homes, in our churches, in our workplaces, at Thanksgiving dinner, in front of the neighbors, in board rooms, in nursery rooms; everywhere.

The men and women with the power are those who are humble and look not to themselves but to God and His wisdom and simply listen, obey and follow.

This article was originally published in Every Thought Captive magazine, 2009.

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