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Top Ten Lists from Every Thought Captive magazine

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Top Ten Poor Restaurant Names

 10. Bubba’s Slaughterhouse Emporium and Tearoom

9. Sam O’Nilla’s Irish House of Pork

8. Left Out Since Last Tuesday

7. Find a Hair, Dessert’s on Us Factory

6. Endangered Species Garden

5. T.G.I. Hitler’s Birthday

4. Outback: Is Where We Trapped and Killed Your Dinner

3. This Country’s Best Yack (TCBY)

2. Dunkin’ Puppies

1. Squid Barrel


The Top Ten Worst Stocking Stuffers of All Time, I mean all time.

10. Dirt

9. Fire

8. Tyrannosaurus meat

7. Your enemy’s skull

6. Freshly yanked back hair with the roots still firmly attached

5. Your enemy’s broccoli

4. Anything that’s not chocolate-based

3. A Chick tract, or worse, two

2. Anything you have to assemble from a company whose first language isn’t ours.

1. Anything fat-free, gluten-free, or sugar-free


From Every Thought Captive magazine

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