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Reader Favorites—Top 15 Blog Posts of 2015

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Top 15 Blog Posts of 2015

2015 has been a great year for Highlands! We have worked to bring you helpful and insightful content from writers new and old. Here you will find the best of the best as chosen by our readers. Take a scroll through our top fifteen most read posts from the past year, and maybe you’ll find some inspiration for the start of 2016.


Saavy looking woman with glasses. (How Not to Be a Doe-Eyed Pro-Lifer)

1. How Not to Be a Doe-Eyed Pro-Lifer

By Erika Schanzenbach

We have arrived at a defining moment in the pro-life battle. The gruesome reality of abortion is stripped bare and standing before the watching eyes of a horrified America. It has been a long time coming. It should have been obvious, some of us would say, why is everyone so surprised? We are surprised because we have been willingly blind, because we don’t want to take responsibility for what is going on, because we are rarely forced to look at it…


Woman in apron holding a rolling pin and ladle peering from behind sunglasses.

2. Five Surprising Things About the Proverbs 31 Woman

By Laurence Windham

Everyone knows that the lady described in Proverbs 31 is generally considered to be the supreme example of womanhood found in the Bible and the archetype that all Christian men should seek out for marriage. But there are some facts about the P-31 Girl that most men and even most women are not aware of.


Mother and girl together with glasses on.

3. How to Raise Girls Who are Neither Feminists Nor Doormats

By Erika Schanzenbach

Your daughter is being poisoned by toxic messages concerning her womanhood, her value, and her place in the world. She didn’t ask to be born into a battleground, but she most certainly has been. She is consuming a contradictory hash of feminist propaganda and caricatured notions of biblical womanhood that is likely to produce either anger or emotional desperation that will leave her malnourished. As she grows, she will be confronted by questions and frustrations within her culture and the church which will require biblical rather than politically correct or cliché answers.


Church Door. (4 Warnings Jesus Gives to Churchgoers)

4. Four Warnings Jesus Gives to Churchgoers

By Laurence Windham

This was the nature of everything Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount. It was all Bible but radically opposed to their understanding because their understanding had been wrongly calibrated for years.


5 Things Couples with Strong Marriages Remember

5. Five Things Couples in Strong Marriages Know

By Alan Burrow

If the devil can cripple our marriages, it won’t matter what we say or do about the institution of marriage. Christian marriages fail the way civilizations fall—from within. And weakness within is connected to five things about marriage that we tend to forget, if we ever knew them.


Sad Man (Redemption for the Ruined)

6. Redemption for the Ruined

By Jay Barfield

One word that I have heard used as a self-description by people who are dealing with the fallout from past trials and sins, as well as from pastors that are seeking to diagnose their congregants, is ruined. They feel like they are beyond repair. To say that they are damaged simply isn’t enough, because damaged goods can be fixed. A person who feels ruined can accept forgiveness, but struggles with feeling restored.

Boys on bicycles. (Parenting Tips for Raising Real Kids)

7. Ten Parenting Tips for Raising “Real” Kids

By Laurence Windham

When it comes to parenthood I knew that I could not raise perfect children, so I decided to go for the gold and try for real kids instead. Sort of a mix of Tom Sawyer and Lucy Pevensie with a dash of Jonny Quest.


Husband and wife in a disagreement.

8. What if My Wife Doesn’t Want to Follow My Vision for Our Family?

By Jay Barfield

To find an answer to this question there are several questions that need to be asked that can help foster understanding, and several biblical principles that can be applied.


Pilgrim's Progress & taking steps backward

9. Why Do We Take Steps Backwards?

By Eric Owens

Each day when we rise, we face the challenge of deciding which direction to walk. Towards the Celestial City or back to the City of Destruction? We know the right way and yet some days we might take a few steps back towards Destruction. Or we might go one step forward and then take two back. Like any long journey, we can lose steam, our knees might start to ache, and the rains can dampen our enthusiasm…


Woman & baby with fake mustaches. (What if I don't fit in at church?)

10. What if I Don’t Fit In at Church?

By Erika Schanzenbach

Be assured that you are not the only one who feels out of place in church. When your life has taken a different turn than many of your peers, it is easy to get discouraged. You want to be vital to the life of the body, like the lungs. Without the lungs the body dies. Then there are the tonsils, no one wants to be like the tonsils, a dangly bit which has little discernible function and may be lopped off at the first sign of infection.


Is Pro-Life Ministry a Christian Duty?

11. Is Pro-Life Ministry a Christian Duty?

By Erika Schanzenbach

“I’m pro-life, but I’m not called to pro-life ministry.” Have you heard this before? Maybe you have said it yourself. I understand how you feel. I never envisioned myself as a political activist or a street evangelist and I have only engaged in the abortion battle in recent years myself, and yes, it is a battle.


Two women together.

12. On the Needs of Women

By Laurence Windham

Guys, Ladies need the unique encouragement that can only be sourced from other women. This is an essential facet of feminine life that is above and beyond, but in addition to, the love that the husband provides.


Dad with his arm around teenage daughter. (5 Things You Should Know About Your Dad)

13. Five Things You Should Know About Your Dad

By Laurence Windham

We should all have more awareness and appreciation for our dads. They have a high calling and they rarely feel like they are doing it well.


Confused woman with flowers. (Desires of Your Heart)

14. Desires, Delight, and the Single Life

By Erika Schanzenbach

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. It sounds easy, at least in theory. We should be able to complete the operation, it’s pretty simple. Insert delight, turn lever, collect desired goods. No matter the desire, I suspect we’ve all been left fumbling about the prize return of the cosmic vending machine at one time or another wondering what went wrong.


Close up of fearful woman's eyes. (God is Scary Beautiful)

15. God is Scary Beautiful

By Gwen Burrow

This is the challenge. If you haven’t faced it yourself, you know others who have. We worship a God who allows genocide and birth defects and blisters and the American Civil War and rape. How can a God who handles so much ugly be a God of beauty?

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