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Son, Saint, Sinner

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As I pass through this life as a Christian I do so with a perspective that was first, not my own, but now that I own it, it makes all the difference.

For instance, I am a sinner. I know that. This means that I am in constant need of God’s grace and mercy and strength. I didn’t have to figure this out. All I had to do was read the Bible and the Word revealed why I struggle, fail, and am weak and that is good, good for me.

It reminds me of a scene from one of those Sword & Sandal movies that used to play on Saturday mornings. The hero had to go through this enchanted valley where spirits would hurl lies and insults to provoke all who tried to pass through. He was warned to pay them no heed else they would divert and distract him potentially to his peril. Well, he didn’t fare well at all. He reacted to each and every verbal assault which resulted in making the film longer since he had failed this test and gotten himself in another mess. Coincidently, the hero’s sidekick, a shady, social misfit who served as the comic-relief, also passed through the same valley. The funny and notable difference was that this guy agreed with every insinuation and put-down that has throw at him! He just sashayed through it all.

So this is me, I am a sinner in constant need of Christ.

But I am also called by the Scripture, a saint. I have been set apart to the Lord’s service and therefore have a special purpose in this life that I am given. I am still not sure how to handle this exalted status. It does cause me to live with an incredible sense of importance and confidence. I mean, after all, it was God who made this happen to me. This is the stuff of dreams, of fairy tales, of fantasy . . . a sinner and a saint!

So I take life pretty seriously because I see God’s hand in everything and know that He is in complete control and that I have a part in his grand plan. I also have everlasting life. A life that has meaning now and forever.

Then there is the fact that I am a Son; one of God’s children. Being a sinner that became a saint who is adopted into the Beloved.

I know this because the Bible tells me so. I feel it because I know that it is true. This is the Holy Spirit’s work.

I must admit that I do feel very special: special needs, special task, and special to God.

What is your perspective? Where does it come from?

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