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Sin and Reality

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Our sin is both an escape from reality and the establishment of a new reality all-together.

First, we sin because we do not like the world that God has constructed for us, either in general or in the moment. Any sin, from mental covetousness to physical murder is our way of reshaping the world in our image. We lie because the world of our lie is preferable to us to the world of truth. We lash out in anger because someone else is not acting in conformance to our desired reality. You can take this across every sin, those against God and those against man.

We simply want our world and we want it now. God and all these other people are here to make my world revolve around me. That’s what sin tells us. Sin convinces us that a world of Me is the preferable world to live in. Ultimately then, with enough sin and enough time, we stop seeing God’s reality and we can only see our new reality.

The more we covet this new reality, the more it actually changes in our minds. “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; Who can know it?”

All acts of sin are acts of insanity. To rebel against the Almighty who can smite us in a nanosecond is insane. To rebel against a loving Father who has given us all that we can ask for and more is insane. Enough of this sin and we truly become insane.

We start to think that this world of our creation is the real world. We become baffled and angry that others are acting so strangely towards us. They are not treating us as the center of the universe. They do not bow to every request. This then creates, resentment, frustration, a deeper entrenchment in our sin and the sick spiral of death spins on.

God, in His mercy, brings us back to reality through the preaching of His Word, the prayers of the faithful, dark moments of the soul, and the constant prompting of the Holy Spirit of course. But the virus that courses through us, that we caught from our parents and they from theirs, keeps making us sick. Through the work of Jesus on our behalf and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, we have been made posse non picare, able not to sin. So it’s in us both to sin and to not sin.


This is why we pray for the return of Jesus when we’ll be non posse picare, not able to sin. That’s the promise, that’s the glorious future. But for now we are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, schizophrenic, constantly serving two masters. and being angry and feeling guilty and repenting and turning from our sin and then sinning again and again.

We’re sick. As long as we’re on earth we’ll remain sick. Getting better each day mind you. That’s a promise to depend on, but still sick until the day we die.

We create a false world and we’re miserable. We don’t fit into the real world because of our sin but there we’re not as miserable. We’re a little bit miserable because of our longing for the false world. The more time we spend in the real world, the harder we fight to keep our mind in the reality of God’s love for us, His plan for us, His expectation of us, the less time we’ll spend searching for another realm to live in. It’s far better to be a servant in God’s kingdom than a King in our own.

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