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And There Shall be No More Death

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Dear _______,

I just heard about your boy’s death and I mourn deeply with you and your family.

I’ve prayed often that I would outlive my children as the prospect of living without any one of them seems too hard. On reflection, it’s quite possible, in God’s perfect plan, that even as your boy lives eternally with his Savior, his early death means that he’ll live in your hearts in a more powerful way than he would have otherwise.

Not a day will pass when you don’t reflect upon him, his smile, his character, his laugh. Perhaps accompanied by a tear but always with the recognition that it was privilege and pleasure to have known him on this side of the veil, and to have called him son.

The love you feel for your other children will only be amplified. Your times with them more eagerly sought out and savored. The stories that would not otherwise be told of him will be repeated and cherished. The awareness of the fleeting nature of life will enhance each day in a new way. In all of this, ________ ‘s life and death will continue to serve his family.

Though we hate death and know that it is a curse for our sins, our God takes it and, like all things, uses it for His glory and our good. With the hope we possess, we can move forward with boldness, with the joy that our loved one is eternally safe, no more harm may befall them and their departure—if we are brave enough to see it through God’s eyes—is the kind of blessing that we could never ask for but one that will truly enhance the years of those left behind.

One day we will join our loved ones and the few years we were apart will seem like but a moment in light of the eternity of togetherness set before us.

I pray peace for your family at this difficult time. Jesus wept as well because death is always sad. But for us, because of Him, it’s not without hope.



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