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Be a Protector for Your Home & Family

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Moving to the Country

In June of this past year, my family purchased and renovated a home near our church. Our home is in the country, and my kids are getting to experience a childhood that is similar to mine and Brittany’s. We have wanted to make this move for a couple of years and the Lord has been exceedingly gracious to give us this place to call home. If you have ever moved to a new home, you know that the first few days are spent adjusting to this new environment and I felt ready and excited to get back to my roots and have some space to play and work.

But moving always comes with some adjustments. When you move into a new home, you don’t know any of the sounds or the quirks of the house. The longer you live in a house, the noises of a house barely register in your ears. For some reason when we moved into this place, I felt I heard every noise from a ten mile radius. While I knew to expect that, I seemed more tense about it than I thought I would be. I was raised in the country and I know country sounds. I had just lived in a neighborhood that had the noises of cars, garages, music and people talking outside. I thought it was because I had become too influenced by constant noise. Either way I didn’t sleep well the first few weeks in our new home.

Duty to Protect

A friend was quickly able to discern what was going on. He pointed out that when I moved into our previous home, I didn’t have small children and by the time I did, I had grown accustomed to those noises. I then told him that while that was true, I had grown up in the country and thought I would relax and sleep well in the quiet. But again, being a wiser man than me, he pointed out the difference. When I grew up in the country, I was a child. I was the one protected and didn’t have to worry. The difference is now, I’m the protector of the home. He said I’m jumpy and tense because the sense of potential threat is not only against me, it’s against my wife and kids. Bingo.

It’s different when you are the protector. You are to be more alert and more aware. You have to make preparations and precautions that those you protect never know of. New noises aren’t just creeks and shifts of a home or of a deer or another animal in the woods. To the protector, you have to hear and be alert with a renewed ears because you have other things to consider.

Guarding Bodies, Minds, and Souls

We can get wrapped up in being the prophet in our home and the priest, but we are also tasked to be the protector of our home and those within. Yes, Jesus intercedes, helps and comforts His Church, but He also protects. He sends angels to protect and guard. He gives us the Holy Spirit to comfort and protect. Christ spends His days doing many things, and protecting His bride, the children of God is one of His central tasks. Thus, for those of us who are the protectors of the home, we are called to be protectors, and this is a full scale, multi front protection. We must protect their bodies from physical harm and from those who would harm them. We are to protect them from attacks from the world and its systems of thought. We are to be alert to the ways in which intruders and intrusion would come into our home. Christians and protectors of homes must give more than lip service to the truth that they have an enemy who wants to harm the bodies, minds and souls of all those in our households.

We must take and implement many practical and tangible ways to guard and protect our homes. Security systems, alarms, cameras, guns, training, sessions on proper gun use, are obvious types of protection that we all must consider and work towards. And not neglecting other forms of protection, such as safe guards on digital technology and media, supplemented with resources, books and fun that are true, good and beautiful.

We should also protect our households by having a soft yet firm tongue, daily prayers

and worship, and assurance of love and commitment to the members of our household. As a protector, we must know our enemy, know his intentions and know his tactics. Our enemy doesn’t play fair and will settle for nothing less than destruction. So a protector must be prepared.

Divine Protection

A protector must not only know his enemy, but know His Lord and King. He must daily converse with and listen to His Authority. There are many protectors who can identify their enemy better than they can their own allegiances. The more familiar we are to whom we serve, and whom our allegiances are given, then we will be better fit to protect. But most of all, we must never forget that it is our King, Savior, Lord and Friend who protects us, and how He protects. Jesus laid His life down to protect us from the destruction of sin and the Devil. Therefore, as protectors of the home, protect with the blessing, strength, wisdom and Spirit of Jesus Christ. And sleep well, your Lord and Protector watches over you.

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