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Not Alone Anymore

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Old man alone, looking out a window.

He sits alone in his small house, sick and in pain. And not for the first time, for He is an old man. His most recent wife is dead and his children have abandoned him as he had them so many years ago now. Who can remember why. Three small children and their mother, left to fend for themselves. They made it, sort of. Their mother died prematurely and the children, still broken, make their way through life. But not through his. He sits alone.

He was an adventurous man, a motorcycle rider, a car-racer, a sky-diver. His interesting life took him across the continent and back and he has friends from there to here to prove it and yet he sits alone, sick and in pain.

He has money, at least as much as he needs with some to spare. A small treasure sits behind a locked vault untouched, unused, down stairs he cannot traverse.

But then somehow a child does call. She comes to him from some distance and visits and nurses him back to health. She, the oldest of the abandoned children, tends to his every need. He is not unkind in return but does not apologize for destroying her youth, for leaving a hole in her, for her struggle and hardship. He takes what she has to give. And she has a lot to give; because she is not alone anymore.

It took a long time for her to find another home after hers was destroyed. She looked and looked but, in the end, it wasn’t she that found a new home, it was presented to her. A gift from an unknown Father, One she had never met.

Her Father found her and brought her into His home and nursed her back to health. It was warm and inviting and she was healed. Maybe not completely, not yet, but still given a great amount of strength. More than she had ever known by far. And a love. Such love. Infused into her soul was a love that overflowed. Where should it go then when it spilled out but downhill? All the way down to her father’s lonely house of sickness and pain.

She sought out the very worst person in her life and gave him the comforts of the home that she now enjoyed. She was not able to perfectly emulate the home she occupied, but it wasn’t for a lack of effort. In short order his lonely house became a home, a place for others to visit. She brought in her children and grandchildren and they blessed the home with laughter and joy. A family was being rebuilt from the ground up. The ashes of destruction that he created were reformed into an absolute beauty.

How could it be that his wretchedness could be turned into anything but sickness and pain? And yet the rebirth was happening before his eyes. He was an armchair witness to the power of love and forgiveness that even a grave cannot hold back. He witnessed all of this and was no longer alone and no longer sick or in pain.

So he asked (but only with his eyes): Why are you dying to me who caused you such pain?” and she smiled and thought about her life and his, about lives broken and rebuilt, about old fathers and New and replied: “Yes, How can it be?”

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