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Now Available: Teach Them the Faith on Mp3 or CD

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When I listened to a review copy of Dan and Karen Vitco’s CD, I thought, Wow, these people actually put the first five questions of the Children’s Shorter Catechism to music. That’s creative. I wonder if they will explain it after the talk starts. But there was no talk. I was astonished to find that the entire CD is the Children’s Shorter Catechism set to music!

Teach Them the Faith (Gemstone Music, 2009) by the Vitcos is approximately forty-five minutes long and contains all 145 questions with Karen singing the questions and a children’s choir responding with the answers to guitar and keyboard accompaniment. The fifty tracks each contain one to five questions and answers. I first thought that the musical melodies were not necessarily catchy choruses that a child would sing repeatedly, but after hearing it a second time, my seven-year-old son faultlessly sang along with the CD, having learned both the catechism answers and melodies.

Dan Vitco is an award-winning composer of Nickelodeon network children’s programs and is the composer, producer, and instrumentalist for Teach Them the Faith. Karen, an actress and vocalist who sang with the Light Opera of Manhattan, has taught voice. Dan informed me that it took three years to write and record the CD. Children from a local homeschool group formed the choir.

Martin Luther once said, “He who sings prays twice.” This speaks of the value of music in adhering words to our hearts and minds. I believe that children learn quite well when they have music to contextualize the words. Teach Them the Faith is a beautiful composition that would bless a family using it to supplement their children’s theological education. It could be a great resource for every family in a church body to own a copy.

Reviewed by Scott Cottrill for Every Thought Captive magazine.


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