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New Basement Tape — Y is for Self-Existence

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Basement Tape #143: Y is for Self-ExistenceWhy is theology important? What do ideas like Expiation and Self-Existence have to do with our day-to-day living? They have a great deal of importance in a life of faith, whether we realize it or not. Understanding the God in whom we trust, can actually help us trust Him more. Understanding why we believe the things we believe can give us greater confidence as we seek to live faithfully and build the Christ’s kingdom in our corner of the world.

The newest Basement Tape, #143 is the 25th in a 26 part series called the Alphabet Series on Theology. Y is for Self-Existence is a conversation in which we consider God’s existence, his being. Who God is, matters to God’s people. Knowing the God we serve gives us hope and confidence in His action in this world. If we believed the first four words of the Bible, “In the beginning God” there would be no more debates between Arminian and Reformed people. In this conversation we consider what we can know about God because of who He is. We discuss how His attributes flow out of His “self” and how a correct understanding of this carries great meaning for the people of God. The result, we hope, is greater confidence in our God who “is.”

But, you say, Self-Existence doesn’t start with YY is for Yahweh, which means, I am that I am, which communicates self existence. And also, there aren’t very many things that start with Y — get off our backs already.

Join us for this conversation! It is available in our store on CD or MP3.

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