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Living in a State of Constant Change

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Living in a State of Constant Change

Significant Changes

Change is a big theme in my life these days. As many of you know, I have recently returned to the pastorate and this vocational shift has brought about many other changes to my life as well as to the lives of my children. We have relocated to a new state, three of my children are either working or attending school in other locations, and my three at-home children are attending a Christian school for the first time, instead of homeschooling.

For the younger children, unless you have experienced this, you have no idea how significant the changes can be. Timed tests, school uniforms, bigger classes, more written work to make grading easier (we always did a lot of oral narration at home), the concept of homework apart from classwork (it was all homework before), and strict time schedules necessary for the school to run efficiently are just a few of the new concepts that they, and I, have had to orient ourselves to.

For myself, I am returning to the formal workforce for the first time since just before my late wife Kim got sick some three years ago. I’ve been quite busy since then, to be sure, but it feels good to be vocationally and pastorally back in the saddle again. However, the context of my pastoral ministry is now quite different as a single father, so the logistics can be a little tricky to navigate. Thankfully, I have been blessed with a grace-filled congregation to serve as I sail these new waters.

Grounded in the Unchanging

It would be easy to be overwhelmed with all the change and tectonic plate shifts in our lives. However, I have found that change is not exactly easy, but easier to manage when seen in the context of the constant and unchanging aspects of my life. It grounds me and gives me peace in the midst of upheaval.

I am secure in the love of my God and Savior. His love is not based on circumstance but on who He is, and His choice, not mine. I am secure in the love of my family and friends, as well as in my love for them. I am likewise secure in my eternity. It is grounded in the salvation hope and the promise of God that I have taken by faith as my own.

These are not trite or insignificant things. They are collectively the rock on which I have built my life, raised my children, based my ministry, and staked my eternity upon. When there are storms around me, there is a calm at the center, because that center is Christ. He also uses these storms and changes to mold me, to make me trust Him more, and to strengthen my faith.

I will be able to one day look back on these changes and laugh with joy at the way God used them to mature me and my children, and to bring Him glory.

What helps you weather life changes? Talk to us in the comments below.

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