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Get 160 Basement Tapes Conversations FREE in July!

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Join Either of the Clubs in July & Get the MP3 Version of the Basement Tapes Complete Collection!

In 2002 Highlands started recording The Basement Tapes.

Cassette tape.

What else happened in 2002?

The first American Idol was crowned. Gasoline cost about $1.38/gallon. The Department of Homeland Security was born.

A few things have changed since 2002.

We can now drive only half as far on the same amount of money (bummer), and there is no longer just one American Idol on the radio (double bummer).

The good news is…

Highlands is still recording The Basement Tapes. We now have 160 conversations recorded, and continue to add new topics which we send to our club members every month! We have talked about everything from family roles to politics, from theology to literature, from education to food (browse the collection here). You can no longer get them on cassette, but let’s just face it, if you still have a cassette player it’s time to let it go.

Limited Time—Gift when you join one of our clubs in July!

Basement Tapes complete collectionWe are giving away the Complete MP3 Collection of 160 Basement Tapes to new members of our You Get a Tape & You Get Everything clubs! Everything from 2002 to today! The collection includes 160 topics related to the good life, a life lived to the glory of God and for the building of His kingdom! This gift is only available during the month of July, so don’t wait! JOIN TODAY!

Worried that a large download might not work on your computer or device? Don’t worry, you can download them one at a time.


Find Out More About the Clubs & Join Today!

You Get a Tape Club $25/mo

You Get Everything Club $50/mo

What are the clubs?


Highlands has two clubs for those who want to support our work and get great resources!

Our club members keep this ministry going! The members of the You Get a Tape & You Get Everything clubs support our ministry regularly and we send them monthly packets which includes resources like The Basement Tapes, Every Thought Captive magazine, the Salt Talks, and more. We work hard to produce these resources to help our club members build strong families, engage wisely with the culture, and live joyfully for the glory of God. We wouldn’t be able to continue in this work without them.


AUDIO: The Mission (Basement Tapes #156)If you have never listened to The Basement Tapes and would like to have a listen before you join the club, check out this one on The Mission of Highlands, how the church has lost her saltiness, and how we can get it back. Download it for FREE from our website.


Remember this is a Limited Time Offer! JOIN TODAY

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