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Introducing Salt Talks

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The newest resources at Highlands Ministries are the Salt Talks. The Salt Talks are conversations with men and women, just like you, who are trying to be salt and light in their homes, churches, and communities. Join Pastor Laurence Windham as he leads these fun and revealing conversations on the struggles and triumphs of living and working for King Jesus. We hope that you will be encouraged and inspired to do great things for the Kingdom. Even if those “great things” are quite ordinary.

Salt Talks: In the Company of Men 1

The first two conversations in this series are about the importance and blessing of male friendships as we work, play, and fellowship together and as we bear each others’ burdens. “As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend” (Proverbs 27:17). These conversations we have titled In the Company of Men.

Salt Talks: In the Company of Men 2

These conversations are available to order on CD or download in MP3 format.


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Here at Highlands Ministries we endeavor to produce the kinds of resources that will help you to live life in a completely biblical way. There is no area of our lives that is not touched by the truth of God’s word. In our many resources we seek out that truth and apply it. This is what we call living deliberately. We desire to live life in the simple or single-minded pursuit of building the kingdom of Christ. This is a simple goal, but extracting ourselves from our entanglement with worldly thinking can be a messy process. In our newest resources, the Salt Talks, as well as in our large catalog of Basement Tapes we take a conversational approach to this growing process. We believe that education is conversation, and aim to capture the type of conversation that has been effective in our own growing process.

We are able to continue this ministry and produce these kinds of resources because of the regular support of our ministry partners. We call our ministry partnerships the You Get a Tape and the You Get Everything clubs. The members of these clubs receive the resources we produce automatically, and their giving is what makes our work possible. We desire to bring the kingdom building message to many more families, and our club members help make that happen. We invite you to consider becoming a part of this ministry and helping us reach more families for the kingdom. Find out more HERE.

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