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Help Us Push Back the Darkness!

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Push Back the Darkness. Support Highlands!

Help Us Pursue the Good Life with More People in 2016!

A gospel-saturated life marked by godly blessing rather than worldly pleasure is difficult to live out in all circumstances, but always worth pursuing. We aim to bring the message of the good life, the kind of life that is blessed by God and brings salt and light to the culture, to many more people in 2016! Your year-end donations are vital to pushing this work forward! Your partnership with us keeps the microphones hot and the presses rolling.

Plans for 2016

What are we doing with year-end gifts?

Along with keeping all our current audio, print, and digital resources going, we plan to launch a second podcast. This one will be hosted by Laurence Windham and he hopes to open up conversation on good living which will give us fresh insight on how the blessed life is possible amidst the difficulties of our days.

We also want to get face-to-face with all of you more often because that’s when all the best conversation happens. For 2016 we are planning two camps for adults (not just couples), and one family conference in conjunction with the Reformation festival put on by our friends at St. Peter church.

Our Year-End Goal is to Raise $25,000 in December! You can help us get there!

3 Ways to Be a Part of What We’re Doing!

Join One of Our Clubs

Our club members keep this ministry strong. They support us with monthly donations and we send them our many resources by mail each month to encourage them as they tackle the ups and downs of living the good life in their homes and communities. Join us today!

YES, I want to Join!

Sponsor a Club Membership for Your Church

Help Highlands reach more people and give the gift of encouragement to your church. Sponsor a membership to our You Get Everything club for your church with your tax-deductible donations. We send five copies of everything we produce each month to your church for the library or book table for the same donation as a personal membership!

Sponsor a Church Membership

Make a One-Time Donation to Push the Work Forward

Make a year-end tax-deductible gift to Highlands to help us push back the darkness and push forward our ministry of talking to people about the transformational difference Christ makes to our lives and our world and the good life He promises.


We thank you for joining us as we pursue the good life, and we hope you are encouraged by what you hear. We are grateful for our many supporters, friends, and partners in this work!

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