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Grab a 6-Pack of Movies When You Join the Club Today!

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Nothing to Watch? We Can Change That. (TV with no signal)

JOIN the CLUB Now & Bring Home a 6-Pack of Movies!

LIMITED TIME—October 8-19

When you join the YOU GET EVERYTHING Club
you get every resource we produce while you are a member!

Join by October 19 and you also get a 6-pack of movies produced by Colin Gunn!

6 Documentaries from Gunn Productions!Colin’s excellent documentary films challenge our thinking on important cultural issues:


Part of living the good life is being able to recognize the bad when we see it. Our culture is deeply confused in many areas. Gunn explores the nuts and bolts of worldly thinking and points us to better answers. Join the You Get Everything Club NOW and get the complete Gunn Collection!

Yes, I Want the Movie 6-Pack!

You Get Everything CLUB BENEFITS

How can we live the good life when we can’t even recognize it? Our ideas of good living are often tangled up with prosperity rather than blessing. Highlands produces resources that are conversation starters which will challenge your assumptions about good living, and get you thinking.

Highlands club members support our work with their donations and receive our resources every month!

You Get Everything club members receive a monthly packet including:

Basement Tapes topical audio conversations (12 per year)

Every Thought Captive magazine (12 issues per year)

Every Thought Captive AUDIO magazine ONLY available to You Get Everything club members (12 per year)

Salt Talks audio conversations with salty people (occasionally)

HomeWise audio podcast on CD (multiple episodes/month)

Join or Upgrade Your Membership!

If you have been thinking about joining the club or upgrading from your You Get a Tape club membership, NOW is the TIME! This movie 6-pack is only available for a LIMITED TIME!

Yes, I Want to Join!

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