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God Talks to Us

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Father and son sitting in their campsite talking

I think of it as awesome that God talks to us. Of all the persons on the planet that you would like to meet and get to know, wouldn’t the Creator of the universe be your first choice?

Because God speaks to man, we can know why we are here, what life is all about, what is after all of this because we do see leaves change and fall to the ground.

If somehow God were seated next to us on a flight, what might we ask Him that He hasn’t already revealed? By that I mean that He has already given us the biggest answers possible. Who you might marry and how many children you will have is really peripheral to all that is amazing.

God has given us His Word and with it all that we are to value and all the rules of life and how to have what everyone in the world is looking for—happiness. Just to be happy.

But true happiness is ours and ours only by His grace. We know that because He tells us the truth.

Related: My dad wasn’t a very good father. Growing up, I never knew where I stood with him. Our home wasn’t a happy one. Though my dad taught me some important things and I learned a few more watching him, it was all just kind of random. We only ever had one heart-to-heart talk and it was I that initiated it. Bottom line; my dad didn’t really talk to me or show that much interest.

Maybe that is why I am taken aback by the fact that God talks to me, to us, to we who have come into the kingdom of the Son of His love. We now have a relationship with God which is an amazing thing.

Jesus told His disciples to call God, Abba, Dad.

I just feel like I was there that day when Jesus said that.



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