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Free Basement Tape Download! All in the Family

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Audio: All in the Family (Basement Tapes #42)

This weekend only we are offering Basement Tape #42 as a free download!

This conversation is on age-segregation in the culture and the church. We talk about how, like the world around us, we see our families not as a single unit, but as a temporary arrangement of individuals. The family is never more temporarily together than when they come to church. Our programs have programmed out of our minds the very notion of the family as we all go different directions for our Bible studies, Sunday school classes, clubs, and activities.

When did this become normal, and what is it doing to the kingdom? This conversation seeks to answer this question, talk about family integrated worship and learning, and turn the hearts of fathers back to their their children, and to their calling.

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Basement Tapes recording session.What are the Basement Tapes?

The Basement Tapes are our longest running audio series, and we continue to record these conversations regularly. Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. and Rev. Laurence Windham have hit on topics that range from modesty to immigration to the basics of reformed theology. We believe that education is conversation and we have enjoyed recording 149 conversations so far. Each conversation seeks to apply biblical truth to the topic at hand.

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The You Get a Tape club is for those who want to join the conversation in a deeper way. You Get a Tape club members give regular support to our ministry and receive Basement Tapes, Every Thought Captive magazine, and other resources automatically every month. Our print and audio resources encourage you to live a simple, separate, and deliberate life, a biblical life, for the glory of God and the building of His kingdom. Your support will help us continue and expand the ministry.

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