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Evolving into Socialism

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Evolving into SocialismThe Origin of Socialism

An English naturist published a little book in 1859 that changed the world. The Origin of the Species it was called. Its author, Charles Darwin, an admitted agnostic, was trying to make sense of the world of his senses. If you take God out of any equation and look at the same data you’ll come to a very different conclusion.

The success of this book and subsequent theories of human development can’t be overstated. All of life was affected. For those prone to such things it gave cover for eugenic experiments, for weeding out undesirables from the gene pool. It was a helpful tool for the Nazis.

Out with God, In with Socialism

Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto was published ten years prior and in this general environment we see the seeds for the massive destruction that occurred in the twentieth century. G.K. Chesterton famously said that “when a man stops believing in God, he doesn’t believe in nothing, he believes anything.” It’s not any more complicated than that. A world without real answers will raise more questions than it can handle.

The “brightest” then have the chance to make up the answers for the blind. So the Darwins and Marxes of the world throw out their theories of life and since there is no competition in the realm of ideas (God and Christianity having been dismissed) then the most compelling theory becomes their gospel. It’s akin to the backwards native who sees the sun rise each morning when he rises and the sun set when he retires and assumes that he must have had something to do with both.

Stumbling in the Dark

The information the “great thinkers” of the 19th century had at their disposal was greater than these two points of reference but still were astonishingly short of the truth. It is the height of vanity — and that which we see a lot of today — for some prognosticator to weigh in on the future. He might have at his disposal one million facts about past driving patterns and with this he portends to speak about what will happen five years from now. Unfortunately for him he’s still billions of facts away from getting it near right.

A man stumbles around a pitch black room. He has a flash light but he doesn’t believe in its power so he determines with his other senses what the contents of the room are. Emerging triumphantly he announces to his followers that the room (of rusting junk) is full of priceless antiques.

Socialism Ignores Scripture

Now that they’re free of the prejudices of religion they can figure out for themselves how best to order society. Here is where socialism comes in. Ignoring the truths put forth in Scripture about the nature and value of work, the dignity of man, the responsibility of man to work, the injunction against stealing, they push forth into a brave new world. Who can prove this wrong? They have no god, they have no rules. If empirical data shows a different result that the one in which they intended then they blame the data collectors or insist that the experiment wasn’t conducted correctly or that outside influences were to blame and that it should just be tried all again.

Thus they will never be proven wrong, that their conclusions are faulty. How can they be without an objective standard against which to base them? They are free to experiment and declare success whatever the conclusion. Thus the foray into nationalized socialism beginning with social security and ending (hardly) with healthcare in 2010. America has decided to proceed without biblical wisdom and ignoring all empirical evidence.

Americans Believe in Socialism

Squishy thoughts come to us through osmosis, a gradual process of assimilation. The air is thick with radio waves, cell phone calls and bad thinking. Americans believe in socialism (and even the majority of those who protest it are only protesting the latest version of it, not the part they benefit from) because their great-grandparents started believing in evolution.

In an evolutionary world, things just happen. In God’s world, God and his workers make things happen like, say, gardenizing the jungle. That’s a significant difference. Sort of like the difference between lightning and a lightning bug. When someone just happens to have money, taking it from them to give to someone else isn’t a big deal right? As a nation we are convinced of this. Look at the historic distrust of the rich. Ignoring the fact that “families are always rising and falling in America,” we assume the haves got it either illegally or through dumb luck and the have nots were either stolen from or oppressed so as to not have had a chance to succeed. Pretty simple really. When the evolutionary mindset takes hold and you can wrap your head around a cell becoming two cells and then a guppy and then a tuna and then a lizard and then a rat and then a raccoon and then a wildebeest and then a monkey and then a gorilla and then a human, it isn’t a stretch to see that somehow Donald Trump is rich because he’s lucky or that Bill Gates is a crook.

Socialism & Evolution Go Hand in Hand

If we don’t need a logical cause and effect to explain the entire universe and everything in it then we don’t need it to explain something as simple as wealth and poverty. You’re rich. I don’t know how that happened anymore than I know why I’m poor. I give you no credit even as I take no blame. Therefore when a politician offers to even out our respective bank accounts, I’m fully in agreement.

Ideas have consequences and bad ones have bad consequences. An evolutionary mindset has taken root and socialism has flourished. But if it wasn’t that it would be something else because all truth is God’s truth and if you reject God then you can’t have any truth at all.

This article was first published in Every Thought Captive magazine, 2010.


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