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Coming Soon: Contra Mundum

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The November issue of Every Thought Captive magazine is entitled: Contra Mundum, “against the world.”

From the President’s Column:

“We who are the seed of the woman are to oppose the seed of the serpent. The orders for this battle were written very early on: “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed” (Gen 3:15a). And there is seemingly no end to the areas of life in which we see possible conflicts and battlefields on which to fight them.”

Join the conversation as we talk about how to live “Contra Mundum.” Each month in the pages of “ETC” we examine our main subject from a variety of angles: church, family, state, culture and so on. You can see below the regular features and the titles of this month’s article for that feature.

[From the President] A Target-Rich Environment

[Hit and Run] This, That, & the Other

[Vision] Jesus Wins

[Family Circle] Front Lines

[Ekklesia] Hate Speech

[Tending Your Garden] Playing by Ourselves

[Culture matters] Attack of the Pharisees

[Mosaic] Don Kiser turns Sixty

[What’s happening] Defending the Family

[Leviathan] Reich.edu

[Apologia] In Defense of Defense

[Re:Views] The Artful Parent

[The Door] Top Ten List, Quotes, Letters

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