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I was adopted at birth by Mike and DeEtte. God truly blessed me with a wonderful family and it’s a God story from start to finish, but that isn’t the story I am here to tell. This story is about a woman named “Maria,” my birth mother. She found herself in a miserable situation, she was pregnant, the father of the baby was married and was a friend of the family. She was terrified of what her family would do to her if they found out. So, she took her three-year-old son, got in her car and left. She lived out of her car for an unknown amount of time. She was scared, alone, and desperate.

Then she made up her mind. She was going to get an abortion. She went with money in hand to the abortion clinic three times, and each time she couldn’t go through with it. One of those times, she saw some people across the street. She went across to talk to them and they told her about Jesus. Then she found a crisis pregnancy center. She was close to her due date and plans were made for her to have her baby at the hospital. While there she gave her life to Jesus and came to a decision to give her baby up for adoption.

Many different families came to meet her, hoping to adopt her baby but none felt right. She wanted her child to go to a woman like Hannah from the Bible who had cried out to God for a child because she had no children. She ended up meeting a midwife at the center who took care of her and was kind to her and supported her decision to put her baby up for adoption. As it turned out, that woman would later help her have a natural homebirth and ultimately become my mother.

I have never met my birth mother and I doubt I ever will. She begged my parents to never try to find her because she said, “If my family ever finds out, they will kill me and throw me in a ditch.” Even though I’ve never met her, I am so grateful to her because she gave me so much at such a cost to herself. She chose to give me life instead of aborting me; she chose to give me up for adoption and she chose to let go of her first little girl so I could have a better life. Her final words to me, before she handed me off to my mom were “I love you. I’ll see you in heaven.”

Praise the Lord, He is faithful. He loves Maria, He loves me, He loves my family, and He loves you.

I’m telling this story today because my best friend and I are going with a group to stand across from the abortion clinic to pray and protest. In Bristol Tennessee, woman are going for abortions for many reasons. Some, like my birth mother, go out of fear and desperation; others because it’s what society tells them to do. Some go because they think it’s not a good time to have a baby, and others still because it’s what they were told to do.

All of them think abortion is the answer, but it’s not. My life, the life of my parents, and the life of my birth mother are proof of that. God has a plan and purpose for each and every one of us and for each and every baby in a mother’s womb.

I’m going to take a stand not just for the unborn babies, but for the mothers as well. They are people who are broken, and hurting, and have a life and soul just like you and me. Some protestors go and stand with signs saying, “You are a monster, you are a murderer!” but how does that show the overwhelming love of Jesus to them? I am going with signs that speak hope and life, not just for the babies but for the women as well.

It is our job as Christ followers to be a light and example wherever we go. We are the only examples of Christ these women may ever see. Let’s not show them hate and judgment, let’s show them God’s love, mercy, compassion, and HOPE!

I truly want this message to get out to women and people everywhere. The message that there is another way. God has a purpose, and a plan, and a calling for them and that they can choose life!



This was written by Lindsay Owens’ midwife’s only child, Betsy Nicholson.

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