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On: Broken Relationships, Basement Tape #123

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We all have them to one extent or another; sometimes they are a constant burden on our conscience, other times they are not but perhaps should be. Maybe it’s our fault, our perhaps theirs. Join us as we have a conversation  about Broken Relationships and try and discover what we as Christians should do about them.

The Basement Tapes are conversations among friends. We gather monthly to have a conversation on topics related to the good life. Pastors R.C. Sproul Jr. and Laurence Windham along with their friends and special guests enjoy a stimulating conversation on a wide variety of topics relating to the Christian life. Grasping the Biblical principles on these tapes will help you and your family form a comprehensive Christian worldview. We have recorded one hundred thirty seven hours of conversation . . . and counting. We also send them out to folks who commit to supporting the ministry on a monthly basis. If you’d like to begin a conversation of supporting our work visit our Support the Ministry page or give us a call at 877-878-2238. The Basement Tapes are also available for sale on CD or as MP3 downloads at the Highlands Store.





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