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Blessed Frailty

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Our great and loving God created us with a built-in frailty. Our bodies reveal to us hour by hour our dependence on Him to sustain our life. Ignoring for a moment our beating heart and our inability to keep that happening, we are otherwise forced to pause to consume calories at least three times during the day and at the end of just sixteen hours of daily life, we need to rest for a full eight.

Because we are not conscious during our rest, we don’t fully appreciate how frail we are. Eight hours of rest to propel us for sixteen? Three meals, thousands of calories, a doughnut and a jug of water just to keep us alive for one day? We’re literally hanging by a thread. Of course, on the other end of that thread is the Maker of heaven and earth. But we tend to forget that.

Modern life has made it harder for us to see our true state. Instead of stalking a sneaky squirrel first thing in the morning and building a fire to roast it over, we rip open a power bar and consume our breakfast in seconds. We eat quickly and without much thought. We have the money to not be forced to consider where our next meal will come from and miss that opportunity to trust God in that way. And forgetting our frailty leads to hubris and a lack of gratitude. And a lack of gratitude is always a sin against our God.

Awakening Trials

God in His graciousness puts trials in our lives to wake us up because it’s our sinful bent to want to be a god ourselves and the idea of dependence on the real God is often repugnant to us. Ask a diabetic if they realize their frailty as they prick and inject themselves all day long. Or a person in dire financial straits, or a family whose home has just burned to the ground. God wakes us up when such things happen to us or to someone close to us.

Why? Because He loves us and wants us to have the security and comfort of trusting and resting in Him alone.

God in His love for us built a weakness into each human unit He created. We are pitiful and His expectation, as our Father, is that we would look lovingly and trustingly to Him for all our needs be they physical, emotional, or spiritual. That’s what a earthly father wants for his children when we give to them isn’t it? But often what our Father gets in return is fear or anger or ingratitude. Each emotion reveals that we do not trust our God in our circumstances and yet, if we’re conscious of our true state of absolute dependence, what other choices do we think we have? We don’t even know how our hearts remain beating!

Jesus, when asked how to pray says: “Give us today our daily bread.” This prayer was to be for all Christians for all times. A daily prayer for daily bread. Why would we pray for our bread when the cupboard is full?

We are all dependant on Him whether we acknowledge it or not. But we are foolish to live in such a way as to forget His position of all powerfulness and goodness and our utter weakness.

To be frail, to not have to keep our own hearts beating, to not have to secure our own food and shelter and to have God as our Father who demands trust and dependence on Him is a great blessing to us, His children.

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