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5 Things You Should Know About Your Dad

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Dad with his arm around teenage daughter. (5 Things You Should Know About Your Dad)

  1. Most of his time is taken up with providing for you and the rest of your family; your house, your clothes, your toys, your food. This task is on his mind a lot. This means that he is often gone before you get up in the morning. And when he gets home in the evening he is often tired and the job is still on his mind. But you are in his heart and he performs his duties to insure that there is food on your table, and that the family can go on vacations, and also that your birthday and Christmas morning is special to you.So consider that your father is giving his life for your family, for life is measured by time.
  2. Since your dad is also a husband, he has a wife to care for (I Corinthians 7: 3-4, 33) and this is another dimension of his life that takes time and energy. Your mother was his first love and this is a relationship that is, not necessarily more special, but is definitely different. Taking care of your mom is a high calling that your dad willingly signed up for, for better and for worse.This includes spending quality time with her as well as taking care of the ever present “Honey-Do” list of chores she has for him.
  3. Your father is a guardian. He not only will caution you to not fall out of the tree that you are climbing, but he will be wary about some of the friends that you make; he will want you to make good grades in school and will be stressed as you learn to drive.These concerns are based partly on wisdom that he has acquired along the way and his own personal experiences. He only wants your future to be bright and for you to avoid the mistakes that he made.So now you know where that frown of his comes from regarding a certain place you want to go, or some item that you want to wear, or someone you want to hang with. Sure, he will make some mistakes in his assessments, but please listen closely instead of just taking it personally as if he were out to ruin your life.
  4. Fathers are people too. They have personal interests of their own that they have very little time to pursue. Once your dad may have played baseball or hiked every chance that he got. He might have once watched Monday Night Football or loved playing chess or went skiing every year. I’m not kidding—why don’t you find out what he used to do before you came along?Being a person also means that your father is a sinner. He has his weaknesses like everyone else. As you grow up this will become more and more apparent. Hopefully as this inevitably takes place you will see him as a work of grace instead of becoming selfishly disappointed in him.
  5. And you should know this too. Your dad has always wanted to give you more. He has always wanted to spend more time with you. He is so sorry that he wasn’t there for that special occasion he missed or when you scraped your knee. He wishes that he were all powerful and all wise and always present because he loves you.

So let’s all go into this Father’s Day with more awareness and appreciation for our dads. They have a high calling and they rarely feel like they are doing it well.

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