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Twenty Five Reasons Why I Love My Wife

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On June 5th I will have been married to my wife, Angela, for twenty-five years. In anticipation of that milestone I thought I’d share with you all why she is more to me than just my main squeeze.

  1. She is so genuine. She is who she is. There is no hint of pretense about her. When she is afraid or angry or happy it is apparent to everyone.
  2. She’s generous. All that she has is yours if you need it—even her stash of chocolate.
  3. In our first few years of marriage I thought of her at times as a ball-and-chain. You see, I had been single for thirty-five years and was use to my own ways. By God’s grace I finally became aware that she was actually my anchor. I would have moved too fast and gone too far had it not been for her caution and sometimes, her tears.
  4. I have become more kind and understanding with others due to the fact that Angela doesn’t always feel very well. When I get sick I suddenly realize that she feels like this a lot—and so do others who live with symptoms based upon their bodies weaknesses.
  5. Our bed sheets are constantly in disorder.
  6. Our home has always been open for guests, strangers, outcasts, the wayward and desperate, as well as our friends.
  7. She introduced me to the idea of the Dinner Party. Food met fellowship and life has never been the same.
  8. My wife is friendly. She has yet to meet a stranger. We usually don’t get to order our meal at the restaurant until the wait staff (and sometimes the people at the table next to us) have become close acquaintances.
  9. Our children are (reasonably) attractive. I’m glad they look more like her than me.
  10. We all laugh a lot. Our home has its share of drama but she loves to laugh and so do we all.
  11. She homeschooled our children. She wasn’t trained or ready or confident but she was brave enough to go for it.
  12. When it comes to cinema, she still loves old movies and old TV series. When she was a girl she watched Charlie Chan the detective. We found those on cable and our children loved watching them with her.
  13. For a city girl she has done reasonably well in the country. She has made goat cheese, shelled peas, washed eggs, and put up with sheep wandering in the yard.
  14. She understands when I have to work late, leave unexpectedly, or answer the phone after we have gone to bed.
  15. When others are in need, she will go and help, clean, cook, or just sit and talk or watch the children even though this wears her out and she comes home exhausted.
  16. Our house is one of those places that young adults and teenagers “crash.” They know they are welcome and that our couch, refrigerator, back yard, front porch, or dining room table are theirs as well.
  17. She is frugal with money. I would describe her as hating to spend money. She always tries to get the best deal, buy things on sale, and compare prices. I encourage her to not worry about this but she will not listen.
  18. There are no decorative pillows on our couches (at this present time).
  19. Though we don’t do this often, she loves going out to eat and going to the movies.
  20. She is loved by others. This is easily earned through sincerity and by the interest that she shows in conversation with all those who know her or who have just met her.
  21. She makes the best lasagna ever.
  22. Angela loves going to places new and old. I cannot tell you how many miles I have had to walk in the historic areas of cities around the country. I would rather hike a wilderness or sit in a cafe and watch the people pass by but her interest in “seeing it all” both modern and antiquarian is infectious.
  23. She loves my humor. Well, she tolerates it pretty well.
  24. My wife isn’t bitter after all the troubles that we have gone through. A pastor’s life isn’t always easy. There are a lot of heartbreaks along the way.
  25. I will never forget hearing her read out loud to our children when they were young. They sat on her lap and all around her as she attempted different voices for all the characters. I wondered then, as I wonder now, why God blessed me with this woman.

You may have noticed this list isn’t quite the same as the characteristics of a wife found in Proverbs 31.

Or is it?

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