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A Short, Simple, Sustainable Family Liturgy

If you are anything like me, daily life in your household generally conforms to a pattern, a liturgy, a modus operandi. Every day certain things happen, and other things happen every few days. Some patterns, however, are weekly, monthly, or annually. Some things are necessary on a daily basis, like eating and drinking, and as long as we’re alive, these will continue unabated. Some events are weekly, like Sunday worship; other events occur annually, like birthdays and Christmas. Finding Time for Family Worship One pattern that I have clumsily endeavored to establish for decades now is a time of daily. . .
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We’re Getting Warmer—Family Time

Home Fires Burning Three years ago while building our house we installed both a chimney and an electric heat pump. The heat pump was for present use. The chimney was for the future, standing cold and dormant while the heat pump did its work. For all the benefits that it does have, there is something missing from the heat pump experience—and not something crucial, like heat. Although a heat pump keeps the pipes from freezing, one cannot stand over the grate and actually get warm. Instead, there’s a draft—a mildly lukewarm breeze that actually sends chills down my spine just. . .
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Marc Hays

Marc Hays.

Marc Hays has been married to Jamie for 15 years. They have 6 children: a single, a double, and a triple. Yep, that’s right--triplets and twins. The Hays live in Middle Tennessee and are members of St. Mark Reformed, where Marc serves as a ruling elder. He is an aspiring classical educator and gets to experiment on the local children two days a week. He surveys land on the other three.
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