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Words, Meanings, & Gender Neutral Pronouns

Gender Neutral Pronouns Deconstruct Language In a 1981 essay on abortion titled A View of Abortion To Offend Everybody, Catholic doctor and novelist Walker Percy laments the “fobbing off of rhetoric” in the abortion debate. He also laments, particularly because he is a novelist, the “chronic misuse of words” that colored the debate at the time, and still does. Percy considers it his duty to maintain the validity and fidelity of words, as a writer who “trafficks in words and meanings.” This defense of rightly understood and articulated language within social and spiritual debate by pro-lifer Walker Percy concerning the. . .
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Is it Game On? Video Games & the Christian Man

If you have gone into any store that sells electronics or seen any ads on TV or online, you are probably already aware that there are new video game consoles on the way. Or you may pay no attention to such things, in which case I am informing you that there are new, very pricey, and cutting edge gaming systems planned for release this Christmas. And I am not buying one. A brief preface for the following. Obviously, as with any form of entertainment, all is not wonderful in video game land, where there are horrid games and endless hours. . .
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Wisdom of the Crowd

In a recent interview with NPR, former vice president and global warming wonk, Al Gore, was asked yet again about America’s response to “climate change.” He said a number of different and very familiar things, but one phrase in particular caught my ear; he spoke of the “wisdom of the crowd,” referring to the public’s supposed increase in concern over global warming because of Hurricane Sandy. Before you tune out, this is not about global warming. It is about the idiocy of the “wisdom of the crowd.” Let’s consider some of the brilliant decisions of “the crowd.” It was the. . .
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Jonathan Kiser

Jonathan Kiser.

Jono Kiser is husband to a librarian, Emily, and father to a growing bookworm, Jonah. He is a farmer, teacher, and novel reader.
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