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The Church is a Place of Wonder

We Find it Hard to Believe The older we get, the more it takes to fill us with wonder. This is because it becomes increasingly difficult for us to believe in wonder-full things. Believing is easy for the heart that can hope anything is possible. But when certain possibilities have been chased away and certain glimmers doused, faith suddenly has to be worked at, and belief has to be practiced, and hope has to be memorized. Where do you go to practice something so sacred? To the brightest, most brilliant, spot of light you can find. Darkness might keep your. . .
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My Dad Tells the Best Stories

“Just a little while longer Before we know We’ll be eating blood oranges In the snow.” – Over the Rhine My Dad tells the best stories. He has that deep, unexplained talent for making words obey him. Every story he decides to tell gets his full attention and his full effort, and every story has the chance to be a little bit more wonderful when he gets a hold of it. He tells us he has a story, and we settle back, and when he opens his mouth, the words traipse out in a purposeful meander, always sure of where. . .
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Alexandra Presley

Alexandra Presley.

Alexandra is a 19-year-old home school graduate who lives in sunny South Carolina on a small farm with her wonderful, crazy family. She is blessed to be a member of an amazing little church made up of amazing people. She loves really good books, G.K. Chesterton, long country drives, listening to music, and writing (you can check out her blog at [Here at Highlands we want to encourage the generations that follow us to find their voice and join the chorus of truth sayers.]
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