Mission & History

Highlands Mission & History (Laurence Windham & R.C. Sproul Jr.)

Founded in 1996, The mission of Highlands Ministries is to help Christians live more simple, separate, and deliberate lives to the glory of God and for the building of His kingdom. 

Two Friends with a Vision

Back in 1993 two friends started talking about the possibility of a study center that would help people live closer to God and to one another. The idea was to perpetuate and preserve the ‘retreat’ experience for themselves and for others by living simply, separately, and deliberately.

They desired to raise their families in an environment of simplicity and community where the focus would always be seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness rather than settling for the typical harried and empty existence that they observed most Christians were living.

The Good Life is Infectious

Three years later, that adventure had begun here in southwest Virginia and what an experience it has been! The Lord has allowed us to share the vision of deliberate living with many people through, well, mostly conversation. Students, couples, families and pastors have spent time at our retreats or living with us, or just coming by for a few days while others moved here permanently! Our front porches, dinner tables, front yards, and living rooms have served as the principal classrooms for so many people.

For many, the focus on being simple, separate and deliberate has led from living at the same harried pace as our surrounding culture into a life characterized by more deliberate thought and action. That is the result of an objective worldview; one that we are purposeful to align ourselves with rather than just coasting through life. Include as the ultimate goal of your worldview the reason for man’s existence—to build the kingdom of God—and, well, you’ve got it all pretty summed up. Good job!

Over the years the results of serious-minded Christians taking to heart the simple, separate, deliberate vision of how to live has indeed transformed their lives—it is a message that we are glad to have a part in and to be a voice of.

Segue in the Conversation

In evaluating our audience over the last 20 years we have noticed that while our goals are the same, the demographic that we have reached has been pretty narrow: homeschoolers, Reformed-minded, agrarian-dreaming, family-integrated, etc…. These groups, by and large, get our message but many, many others do not. This has been not only our experience but also yours—you have told us so.

That is why we are transitioning how we communicate about what happens when Christians get serious about following Jesus; they begin living The Good Life. We are experiencing the good life here at Highlands and this has been the end result for others who have been influenced by our ministry. So pray for us as we lift this banner before the world: that God has called us all to live and enjoy, The Good Life. After all, that is what everyone is searching for…your friends and ours, and we know that they will never ‘get there’ unless they seek first the kingdom.

Join the Conversation

Over the years we have continued to extend our reach through publications and recordings striving always to be as intimate and transparent as we can be about how the Lord is shaping our lives. Now the team at Highlands is set to expand our message through podcasts, videos, books, retreats and gatherings.

We encourage you to join us on this journey, and enter into life-changing conversations with your friends, family, co-workers, and with us here at Highlands. So, give us a call sometime or let us know when you can drop by.

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