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  • Control in Difficult Relationships

    You must surrender control to God and take up His means of changing sinners.

  • Christian Chicken Culture

    It wasn’t a restaurant that was high on my list. First, there were none around me for many years and secondly, how excited can you get about a chicken sandwich? And then I got married and had kids and took trips and that’s when I really discovered Chick-fil-A. Stopping to eat with five little kids can be daunting enough for Dad to be tempted to tell everyone, “We’ll eat when we get to Grandma’s!” Even if that promised meal is 200 miles away. But my good wife and Georgian Lindsay knew about a place that wouldn’t be so horrible. So. . .
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  • How should we deal with high profile accusations of sexual misconduct?

    First, we must ask the question: “Is it true?” Unfortunately, the all-important truth is often impossible to determine. If the alleged crime happened long ago, and the accused man vehemently denies wrongdoing, we do not know the truth. We may have an opinion, but to claim to know the truth is to lie. We do know that the accusation has some political motivation. If it was only about justice, she had 40 years to bring it up (privately or publicly) and choosing an opportune political time shows some political motivation…at least a little. Now, the timing of an accusation does. . .
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  • Choose Life

    I was adopted at birth by Mike and DeEtte. God truly blessed me with a wonderful family and it’s a God story from start to finish, but that isn’t the story I am here to tell. This story is about a woman named “Maria,” my birth mother. She found herself in a miserable situation, she was pregnant, the father of the baby was married and was a friend of the family. She was terrified of what her family would do to her if they found out. So, she took her three-year-old son, got in her car and left. She lived. . .
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