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Basement Tape #111: To the Church at Corinth I

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Scandal, schism, partying and pride may mark the modern church but we didn’t start the fire. All this and much more troubled the church at Corinth. Join us as we talk together about how sin still stains us and ego still drives us even after we have been born again. Join us as we learn from the Apostle Paul what the Bride is supposed to look like. Part II.

Basement Tape #50: Firearms

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This conversation looks at the calling of a man to protect hearth and home from danger, and the folly of delegating the defense of one’s home.

Basement Tape #28: Coloring Between the Lines

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Audio: Coloring Between the Lines, Systematic Theology (Basement Tapes #28)

Is the study of systematic theology useful to those that are not pastors or teachers? Does this structured study of God add anything to the spiritual lives of laypeople? We believe so. This conversation, a defense of the systematic study of the things of God, argues that while precision and abstract thought can actually move us away from Jesus, that the solution isn’t sloppy and esoteric thought.

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