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Believing God


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More shocking than His just wrath, the prodigal grace of our heavenly Father is too good to be true, too shocking to believe. But He promises not only to shower us with grace, but to grace us with belief. This series looks at some of God’s most shocking promises, and promises to shock you even more. For His promises are more certain than the sunrise, and as potent at the risen Son.

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Format: CDs or Mp3

Length: Each lesson is 45 minutes to 1 hour in length

Lessons Included

  • 1. That the Man of God Might Be Complete
  • 2. Allowed to be Called His Children
  • 3. Faithful and Just to Forgive
  • 4. If Any Lacks Wisdom
  • 5. The Fruit of the Womb a Reward
  • 6. The Desires of Your Heart
  • 7. Opening the Storehouse
  • 8. Faith of a Mustard Seed
  • 9. All Things Work Together
  • 10. I Have Overcome the World
  • 11. Who Has Begun
  • 12. We Shall Be Like Him

What is Sound Teaching?

Sound Teaching is just that, sound teaching. But we pray it is still more. Our goal with each of our series, is, in fitting with our purpose, to help Christians live more simple, separate and deliberate lives for the glory of God and for the building of His kingdom. We pray each series will give a fresh look at ancient truths and that through sound teaching might come sound living, suffused with the sounds of repentance, joy and thanksgiving.

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