Audio: Courtchip: The Parents (Salt Talks)

Courtship: The Parents (Salt Talks)

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In this conversation on the subject of courtship, pastor Laurence Windham talks with four sets of parents that have walked through this process with their children. They share their ideals and goals, their experiences and assumptions, their methods and motivations. This conversation is a window into the multitude of ways courtship is carried out in a variety of circumstances and families. We ask the questions what did your family do? Did it work out the way you thought it would? What would you do differently if you were to do it over?

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A Salt Talks conversation on courtship with parents who’ve been through it with their children.

Format: CD or MP3

Length: approx. 60 minutes

What are Salt Talks?

The Salt Talks are conversations with men and women, just like you, who are trying to be salt and light in their homes, churches, and communities. Join Pastor Laurence Windham as he leads these fun and revealing conversations on the struggles and triumphs of living and working for King Jesus. We hope that you will be encouraged and inspired to do great things for the Kingdom. Even if those “great things” are quite ordinary

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