Eternity In Our Hearts

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What sort of vision leads a budding Christian writer, teacher, and thinker to move his wife and young family from the city of Orlando, Florida to the hills of southwestern Virginia? Why would he leave behind one of the bustling capitals of the evangelical community in favor of a rural setting? R.C. Sproul Jr. did exactly that. In 1996 the Sprouls settled in rural Southwest Virginia, and founded the Highlands Study Center (now Highlands Ministries). This book shares the vision.

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As we are fond of saying, because we believe it to be true, “Education is Conversation.” We learn as we discuss matters according to biblical principles. If you’re new to the conversation of the Good Life and want to “catch up,” this it the book for you. It contains the first seven years’ worth of R.C.’s Vision column from Every Thought Captive, the magazine of Highlands Ministries. Subscriptions to ETC, by the way, are only $25 a year.

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