Daily Fight

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Whether you are new to family worship and want to get your feet wet simply by reading something solid, or you are an old hand at leading your family devotions and are looking for a good starting point for expanded discussion, Daily Fight will make an excellent choice.

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Product Description

A large-format, biblically-oriented Christian book divided into 365 daily readings, and intended to be read at home? That sounds very much like a recipe for a daily devotional, and in truth, Daily Fight by C. Wayne Hays could suitably be given that label. But in a field of introspective and occasionally sappy devotionals, Daily Fight distinguishes itself. Starting from the title and the martial imagery on the cover, this book is a robust call to full-orbed Christian living.

Avoiding a privatized devotion, Pastor Hays targets nearly every aspect of active Christian living over the course of the book: the responsibilities of fatherhood, the gift of work, the gift of celebration, the Christian response to suffering and death, thinking and living counter-culturally, Church life, civil order, and a great deal more. Drinking deeply from the well of Scripture, Daily Fight provides a practical mandate but avoids the pitfalls of mere moralism by remaining emphatically Christ-centered. Throughout, Pastor Hays walks a precarious line, aiming to provide solid food and depth while at the same time retaining intelligibility for younger hearers.

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