Organic Homeschooling Curriculum, Year 2

Organic Homeschooling (Year 2 Curriculum)

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Don’t be Overwhelmed!

Homeschool parents are confronted with a vast array of curricular choices and it is easy to become overwhelmed. Don’t be! The simplicity of Organic Homeschooling solves this dilemma. Organic Homeschooling curriculum provides weekly lesson plans for a full year of education for children ages 3-12. The whole family can learn together with one curriculum, and mom and dad will learn a few things along the way too!

See below for more details about the curriculum and subject areas covered.

Download a SAMPLE of the curriculum HERE!


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See a sample of the curriculum HERE.

Organic Homeschooling is a simple solution to your homeschooling dilemma.

You shouldn’t have to spend hours planning, gathering materials, pouring over catalogs and websites to try to figure what you’re doing. Spend your time with your children. Choose Organic Homeschooling.

Teach all your children together at home with . . .

  • Real Books
  • Natural Methods
  • All Ages Together
  • Easy to Use Plans
  • A Complete & Adaptable Curriculum

What Does the Curriculum Cover?

This homeschool curriculum includes book recommendations and reading schedules for:

  • Bible
  • Read-aloud picture books and chapter books (covering literature, geography, history, and science)
  • Memorization
  • Natural language learning (through copying and dictation)
  • Creation science reading and activity ideas
  • Music
  • Art
  • Crafts
  • Continuing education for parents.

In addition to these scheduled subjects, Organic Homeschooling curriculum also includes the best recommendations for which curriculum to use to teach basic skills and ideas for family worship, additional creation materials, nature study, art, preschool, singing, foreign language resources, games, and beyond the Organic Homeschooling years.

Who Publishes Organic Homeschooling?

Former publisher of Homeschooling Today magazine Steve Murphy, and his wife Kara, are parents to two daughters and eight sons ages two to age eighteen, all organically homeschooled since birth.

Steve: Committed to helping homeschooling families practically as they pursue discipling their children, Steve is a full-time pastor. Organic Homeschooling is an extension of his passion for discipleship, particularly facilitating parents to disciple their children.

Kara: In addition to being a wife and mother, Kara desires to help homeschooling mothers settle into a relationship-based style of homeschooling, overcoming the angst characterizing so many homeschooling moms today. She assists mothers as they disciple their children confidently through real books and real life while still being able to keep up on their many responsibilities as wives, mothers, and homemakers.

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