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A new movie by filmmaker Colin Gunn on the genesis and nature of government education.

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I could listen to the Scottish brogue of my now-fellow-Texan, Colin Gunn, as he talks about anything. His love of God and His people, as well as his winsome personality made me like him instantly, both as Wallace McColin in The Widow’s Might, and in conversation when the Gunns drove to Austin to welcome us back to Texas at Emily’s sister and brother-in-law’s house four years ago. (Has it really been that long? We need to get together again!)

During that visit four years ago, Colin told me about his next project wherein he was doing an exposé on the public school system. I was intrigued why he was addressing this subject “again” when so many Christian homeschooling families have already seen “the light” and pulled their children out. I mean, Chris Klicka did a great job of exposing the inherent flaws of public education when in his book, Homeschooling: The Right Choice, and R.C. has been talking about his prayers for the demise of the public school system for years. I thought I was the choir that he was going to be preaching to.

But I was wrong.

In IndoctriNATION, the Gunns load up a refitted yellow school bus and travel around the country interviewing experts, not only from those within the homeschooling movement, but Christian public school teachers and principals, elected officials and professors.

I learned that the public school system is not something that needs to be redeemed or “taken back,” as suggested by Franklin Graham, or even can be redeemed. At its very foundation, the public school system was designed to undermine and dismantle the family; from its inception around 180 years ago, the government school has been anti-family and anti-Christian. And as we can see around us, it has been very successful in helping to bring about the decline of Christianity in America.

IndoctriNATION is a great reminder for Christian homeschool parents and encouragement to stay the course. It’s also a clarion call for Christian parents to wake up and take stock of the situation and, hopefully, make a simple, deliberate decision to separate their children from the God-less government school system, for the glory of God and the building of His kingdom.


review by Jim Bob Howard for Every Thought Captive, March 2012


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