Biblical Economics

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Dr. R.C. Sproul, Jr. has done the hard work of studying the principles of economics, understanding them in the light of God’s Word, and presenting them in clear and concise terms. You’ll find that Biblical Economics is an invaluable aid for developing your own understanding of them. Read it, then give it your child to read and then talk with him about it.

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Now here: the 4th edition of Biblical Economics in hardback.

Biblical Economics is actually the third incarnation of this book. It first appeared in 1985 under the title Money Matters, its author a prodigious twenty years old. Nine years later, as the economy became a topic of obsessive concern among Americans, the book was reprinted as Dollar Signs of the Times.

The first unusual and important quality of Biblical Economics is that it is brief. This is not a backhanded compliment, since most of the books available these days are far longer than their subject deserves.

The second unusual and important quality is that Biblical Economics tells you exactly what you need to know about its topic, no more and no less. With a passing interest in the subject, you may know a few more things about economics than R.C. chooses to discuss in the book; due to his training, R.C. knows many, many more things than he chooses to discuss. But most of those things are not things that most of us need to know in order to live a biblically sound life. Only a few are vital, and R.C. has done us the immense favor of isolating them, explaining them in clear and simple terms, and showing how they are pertinent and in fact critical to an understanding of how Christians must live in a world that is adamant about denying the role of God in providing our daily bread.

The book’s third unusual and important quality is that it tells you not only what, but why and how. That is, it moves on from explaining economic principles to showing how they are rooted in God’s design, leading to specific illustrations of how those principles are to be applied in everyday life. This is not only where the book shines, but where it most exemplifies the approach to God and His creation that is pursued at the Highlands Study Center, making it a valuable tool for living life simply, deliberately and separately.


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