The Full Basement — With Bath, The Basement Tapes

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We have had several requests to combine all the Basement Tapes into one set and for a discount. Here is the entire basement in one place. This is the best sale we've EVER had on the Basement Tapes. 45% off! – 118 Basement Tapes.

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These audio presentations are Basement Tape conversations.

The Basement Tapes are conversations between Dr. RC Sproul Jr., Rev. Laurence Windham, their friends and special guests, on subjects related to the “good life,” a simple, separate, deliberate life, lived out for the glory of God and for the building of His Kingdom.

You might even say that the Basement Tapes serve as a primer on developing a Christian Worldview. Started in 2002, we now have over #140 conversations on all areas of life that we are seeking to think biblically about so that we might take dominion over them for the King and His kingdom.

Format: Available in both CD and MP3

Length: Sixty minutes each

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