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Biblical Economics Curriculum


Includes the book Biblical Economics, twelve audio lectures, a study guide with discussion questions, tests and quizzes and the two books (digital), The Law and Productive Christians in an Age of Guilt Manipulators.

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Product Description

Is money the root of all evil? What is the difference between the Keynesian, Austrian, and Chicago schools of economics? What is the mark of true prosperity, and what duties, if any, does government have toward the poor? These and other key economic questions are answered in Biblical Economics: A Complete Study Course, a curriculum from Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr., that explores stewardship, prosperity, money, inflation, poverty, debt, and the implications of statist intervention in the economy.

Each lesson in the included study guide directly corresponds with R.C.’s 12-part mp3 audio series and features a course syllabus, a brief overview of each lecture, study questions, and Scriptures to memorize. The guide also includes a glossary of economic terms to master, and a helpful bibliography of other books on economics for students who want to learn more.

Finally, a biblically-based study course on sound economics! Never has it been more important for our children to understand biblical economics, and this course from Dr. R.C. Sproul, Jr. will give them that grounding. —Kevin Swanson, Director of Generations with Vision

This study course includes:

  • 215-pg. hardback book (Biblical Economics)
  • 95-pg. study guide with discussion questions, quizzes and answer keys, and a final exam
  • 12 audio lectures on MP3 CD
  • 2 PDF files containing 2 e-books on CD-ROM for further study