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What is Every Thought Captive?

Every Thought Captive magazine, we hope helps readers do just that, take every thought captive in obedience to Christ. Life is full of difficult questions and circumstances that Christian families must navigate in a way that honors Christ and His word. The application of God’s word doesn’t stop at the church’s exit door. It is needful for us to apply it to our family, our work, and indeed our every thought. We must desire this, we must do this, if we hope to live the “good life” offered by our gracious God.

Every Thought Captive magazine is now in its 18th year of publication. We publish ten issues each year. Each issue is packed with thoughtful, challenging, encouraging articles, which we hope will help you live faithfully, and be salt and light to the dark culture that surrounds us. Living joyfully the good life the Lord has given us speaks volumes to those who do not know Him, and even presents opportunities to invite them to the feast. This life is not a dour and mechanical affair for those who know the grace of God. It is joy and blessing; it is a “good life.”

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Our Regular Columns Include

Vision — Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. spells out the theme for that issue.
Family Circle — How our theme relates to the family.
Ekklesia — How our theme relates to the church.
Tending Your Garden — A very popular take on life from the perspective of Christian wives and mothers.
Culture Matters — How we relate to our culture and they to us.
Mosaic — Pastor Laurence Windham’s reflections on his life as a country pastor.
Leviathan — Here we take on big government.
Apologia — Not always an apology, but sometimes.
Top 10 Lists — Always fun.
Reviews — Books, films, music and more.

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