Basement Tapes

Highlands Ministries Motto seriesWhat are the Basement Tapes?

The Basement Tapes are recorded conversations on a wide variety of topics relating to Christian life. Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. and pastor Laurence Windham along with assorted friends and special guests share conversation on living the Christian life—the good life. At Highlands Ministries we believe that education is conversation, and we gather monthly to record kingdom-building conversation that we hope will be a blessing to you as you and your family seek to form a comprehensive Christian worldview.

Each Basement Tape conversation is approximately 60 minutes long, and we have recorded over 140 conversations so far. The topics range from family life, to the church, to culture, and theology. You see, it all goes together, and makes what we call, “the good life.” We endeavor, by God’s grace to live it, talk about it, and share what we’ve learned.

Some of Our Most Popular Conversations

Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, College 101, College 201, Homeschooling, Hospitality, The Motto Series, The Worship Series. You can sample clips of these Basement Tapes in the store. They are available to order on CD or via MP3 download. Visit the STORE.

Sample 25 conversations by listening to our Basement Tape Sampler.

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Our ministry is supported, in large part, by our monthly ministry partners. These are folks who enjoy the resources we produce, and want to help us reach more families with these biblical messages. Those who commit to regular monthly gifts by joining our You Get a Tape or You Get Everything clubs automatically receive new Basement Tapes and other resources that we produce.  Become a member today online or give us a call at 1-877-878-2238.